5 Types of Influencer Content That Sell on Social Media

 5 Types of Influencer Content That Sell on Social Media

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There’s no doubt that social media is booming. It’s estimated that both Instagram and Facebook have over 1 billion global users each. Thanks to the increase in Internet users and the proliferation of smartphones, anybody can access multiple platforms.

For social media influencers, that means having a massive audience that can make them overnight sensations. But that doesn’t mean every type of content will make you popular. If you’re hoping to tap a big online audience, here are some popular social media content trends that are worth exploring.

Life Hacks

Admit it: when the random instructional video post gets recommended on your feed, you’re likely to check it out. Instagram, YouTube, and now, TikTok are home to many of these ‘life hacks’, which are convenient shortcuts to certain tasks. They’re great ways for influencers to promote themselves and their credibility.

You might want to start an account of your own and post hacks about a specific group of tasks, like cooking hacks or workout tutorials. Be as relatable as you can because the point of a life hack is to help many people become more efficient in day-to-day tasks. Look at Mashable.com’s list of 12 best TikTok hacks for inspiration. Users say they are enjoying the humbling experience of learning they’ve been doing everyday tasks “wrong”.

Lifestyle Snippets

Often, users will look for influencers living what they perceive as an ideal life. And the more aesthetically pleasing, the better. Just look at Dan Bilzerian. At only 40-years-old, Bilzerian has made Poker.org’s list of wealthiest poker players and has also amassed a large following on social media. Though very controversial, what he does well online is to flaunt his assets. Whether that is piles of poker winnings, being surrounded by beautiful women, or showing off his international travels, Bilzerian has learned how to present the life his 32 million Instagram followers want to see.

Though not all people are fans of flaunting your wealth online, social media users are definitely drawn to the curated lifestyle. So regardless if you’re a millionaire like Bilzerian or a workout guru, you want your lifestyle snippets to represent what you’re trying to portray.

Storytime and Drama Commentary

Storytime content is, as the name implies when the influencer shares a moment from their lives that may be funny, heartwarming, heartbreaking, or even scary. The appeal of this content is how it’s shared in a casual way. It also makes it appear like they’re just talking to a friend.

Meanwhile, drama commentaries dive into more sensitive topics. Regardless, audiences like hearing from influencers. Top commentary channels on YouTube advise keeping things relatable but sensitive to the topic. For instance, the Spill Sesh YouTube channel is all about ‘spilling the tea’ on controversial topics. Accounts like this can be seen as controversial as well, but they definitely rack up an impressive amount of views.


The last few years have seen an uptick in popular review-style influencers. Why their content may not be as flashy as others, what they offer builds more trust with audiences. Most of the popular reviews-based influencers focus on games, toys, gadgets, and, of course, skincare and makeup. Many beauty influencers have even made their own brand or line of makeup. NikkieTutorials, James Charles, and Tati Westbrook are some of the biggest names on YouTube.

That said, there are also budding beauty gurus that don’t fit a certain mold. Allure’s list of influencers features several up-and-coming beauty gurus to watch. Talontedlex, for example, caters to individuals who have rosacea but still want to experiment with beauty products. Finding your niche and reviewing products that cater to it could be your way to becoming influential online.

Influencer Engagement

Remember when comedian and TV host Ellen DeGeneres broke the Internet? It wasn’t because of the image composition or a snappy caption. It was simply because it showed a bunch of famous people in one photo. When audiences see fellow influencers come together, it can be exciting. This is why collabs are so common nowadays and why in our post ‘Top 9 Tips on Becoming a Full-time Social Media Influencer’ we recommend tagging other creators and brands for traffic. They may just take notice and reach out. Each influencer can potentially gain new fans and tons of extra engagement.

The online world can create influencers just as quickly as it can cancel them. There is yet to be any sure way to hit it big online. But in the world of social media, how well an influencer can understand and connect makes all the difference.