6 Influencers in the Crypto Space

 6 Influencers in the Crypto Space

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In spite of wider economic upheaval, cryptocurrencies are still big right now. And this is at least in part thanks to celebrities and influencers. From Laci Kay Somers’s reported investment to Matt Damon and LeBron James recording crypto ads (which even aired during the Super Bowl), a number of major celebrities have hitched themselves to the bandwagon. And those are just a few of the famous figures involved. Even beyond major celebrities though, there are a number of major influencers helping to prop crypto up as well.

Let’s take a look at some names to know.

1. Tim Draper

Bitcoin is the OG cryptocurrency, and thus represents a good place to start. This eyebrow maximalist is a well-known venture capitalist with a strong history of early connections to successful technologies and brands. Draper is bullish in general about the Bitcoin price, and seeks to educate people about it for their own benefit.

2. Jenny Q Ta

For some it’s still a joke, but the reality is that people invest in Dogecoin today thanks in no small part to the attention from meme artists like Elon Musk. Former owner and current COO of commerce platform CoinLink, Jenny Q Ta is part of the Doge scene as well. While she lends further legitimacy to the once-spoof cryptocurrency though, she is also careful not to encourage reckless buying from investors.

3. Vitalik Buterin

Consistently second-most valuable to Bitcoin for some time now, Ethereum is popular due to its network’s ability to support original applications, blockchain smart contracts, and the like. As of now, the point of buying Ethereum is typically either to diversify an investment portfolio or to get in on a platform with clear potential for massive growth and expansion over time. Many who make the decision to buy in though are ultimately encouraged by Vitalik Buterin –– one of the original coders of Ethereum who still props it up to his millions of social followers via technical, “nerdy” commentary on a regular basis.

4. Girl Gone Crypto

A lot of folks buy Monero for quite different reasons than those associated with other cryptos –– notably its lower traceability and lack of finite quantity. At the same time, those benefits can be somewhat obscure to crypto newcomers, which is where Girl Gone Crypto comes in. The influencer usually creates video content relating to general crypto and blockchain news, but has also set up releases specifically aimed at educating viewers about Monero.

5. Mykhailo Fedorov

Tether is an altcoin which is highly transacted due to its one-to-one value with the U.S. dollar (which makes it easier to use and trade than some other cryptos). And now, thanks to some of the worst circumstances imaginable, the youngest minister in the Ukrainian government has gone viral as a sort of accidental influencer –– drawing attention from crypto enthusiasts by seeking donations in Tether (as well as Bitcoin and Ethereum).

6. CZ Binance

A massively popular exchange with its own BNB token rocketing upward in 2021, it’s no wonder Binance is one of the biggest companies in the crypto world. Former burger flipper Changpeng “CZ” Zhao is CEO and reportedly the largest shareholder in Binance, with a lot of BNB as well as Bitcoin to his name. Zhao is up there with the most popular crypto influencers, with millions of followers and a great deal of sway over the market.

Today, there’s seemingly an influencer for every popular coin out there. In some respects, their impact only makes the crypto world more difficult to navigate. Nevertheless, anyone interested in crypto should know names like the ones listed here.