6 Viral Reels Ideas to Grow Your IG with Ela Mazur

 6 Viral Reels Ideas to Grow Your IG with Ela Mazur

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Reels are making business owners dance and lip-sync to their favourite songs. The free-for-all platform provides tools for easy-making, and its 15 to 30-second video format, makes it quick to consume.

If you’re looking to grow followers, increase engagement and boost sales, keep reading. Reels through likes and views have become a great way to attract visitors to your page and increase traffic. Users can see your Reels without even following you while scrolling down similar videos or through the explore page. It’s one of the fastest and preferable ways to grow your Instagram account in 2021. 

But what’s the magic formula to these results? The Perth-based content creator and coach Ela Mazur found the secret to a great Reel. In her six years in the Social Media Business, she tried all the hacks and gimmicks. To making scroll-stopping videos, she learned you must share valuable content for your audience and be consistent. Next, Ela shares six content ideas to achieve this goal.

#1: Introduce yourself and your business.

“Chances are you have more new followers now than when you started, and who knows – your Reel might be viral and reach new people. Do a Reel about you, your business, and how you started. For the followers who know you, it will be a reminder, and new followers will learn about you in a quick, simple way!” Shares Ela. Showing your face on your page adds a personal touch that makes your audience feel closer to you.  

#2: Convince your audience why they need your product or service. 

“No matter what you’re selling – you need to convince your audience to become a customer. Explain why they need the product or service you’re offering. Focus on your audience’s pain and pleasure points when you create your Reel!” Ela explains it perfectly. If you want your content to go viral, you need to step into your customer’s shoes and speak their language. They might not know they need your product, investigate what their problems are, and address them.

#3: Teach your audience something they want to know.

Ela says: “Do a quick tutorial teaching your audience a hack or task they can apply to their life. The tutorial must be on-brand. You only have 15 seconds, be clear and concise!” 

#4: Bust a myth.

A great way to catch your audience’s attention is to uncover the lies spread across the internet. Don’t be afraid to bring your controversial opinions to the table and invite people to comment. “I’m sure your industry has myths that need to be BUSTED! Do this entertainingly, in a way it reinforces your expertise!”.

#5: Answer common questions.

Ela shares: “Answering common questions about your business is a great way to create promotional content with heaps of value!”. 

#6: Repurpose!

“You’ve created awesome content in the past! Repurpose in a Reel format, reinforce your message for the people who’ve seen it, and reach new people who haven’t!” Repurposing content is an art. This last piece of advice is also a tremendous timesaving tip on Ela’s part.

Ela Mazur is the founder and CEO of Ela Mazur Creative. She is also an Online coach, Content creator, YouTuber, and Podcaster. If you are spending hours creating content and not getting the results you expect, you might be interested in joining Ela’s Instagram for Business Course! She’ll show you how to craft stories that sell, build content that converts and learn sales strategies. 

Ela will be there every step of the way, reviewing your performance and supporting you when things don’t go as planned. You can contact Ela for more information here.