8 Signs You Have A Potassium Deficiency

 8 Signs You Have A Potassium Deficiency

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Stiffness of Muscles

One of the chief functions of potassium in your own body is to modulate blood flow through your own nerves. Whenever there is a deficiency of potassium in your bloodstream vessels, the vessels can charge owing to some deficiency of oxygen.

As a result of the minimal quantity of oxygen, the blood flow on the human body will also decrease. This leads to muscle stiffness. If this is permitted to proceed, your blood vessels vessels will plump. You might also have muscle spasms when this problem has been left untreated.

It must also be said that muscle stiffness and spasms could be caused by other difficulties. As an example, fever, fatigue or uncomplicated pursuits that drain your time. So do not jump to conclusions. Instead, head to a doctor and tell them about your symptoms.