A Single Mom, a Business Owner, and a Pharmacy Manager: Jasmine Dickerson and Her Business, Cosmoj, Help make Medical Costs more Affordable

 A Single Mom, a Business Owner, and a Pharmacy Manager: Jasmine Dickerson and Her Business, Cosmoj, Help make Medical Costs more Affordable

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For many of us, we rely on access to health insurance coverage to get through our everyday lives. However, if your insurance can only cover a small percentage of the overhead cost of medical treatments, the cost suddenly becomes out of reach for many who may need and/or desire innovative procedures out today. Jasmine Dickerson hopes to change that. Using her talents as a business person and a pharmacy manager, she created a company called Cosmoj.

“Cosmoj is a financial technology service geared to help clients cover medical costs that are partially covered and/or not covered by most insurance companies. Cosmoj’s purpose is to help clients save for desired procedures and treatments that cause financial hardship when paid for out of pocket such as: cosmetic treatments/procedures, fertility treatments, sexual enhancements, prescriptions (such as Cannabis), holistic treatments, and new medical technologies.” Explains Jasmine.

Jasmine started this business after she felt unsatisfied with her normal corporate work life as well as lacked confidence in herself. Her insecurity is what drove her to try and do better. After battling with postpartum illnesses, she saw the effects that this lack of confidence could have. She was losing motivation and time for caring for her family and herself, so she started the business to help change that and to help others as well. 

“The lack of confidence I started to experience from working non stop by aiding others and forgetting to care for myself motivated me to start Cosmoj. I had this fantastic corporate job and yet I didn’t feel “sexy” or “empowered”. I felt overworked, overwhelmed, and depleted in my own personal cares. Also, realizing how hard it is to save for wanted treatments made me want to re-invent the meaning of healthcare savings. I wanted to create a financial service that empowered all genders and all socioeconomic classes with the medical costs most of us want, but simply can’t afford at this time due to financial responsibilities and other obligations. With that being said, Cosmoj was established!” Recounts Jasmine.

From there, Jasmine began her business. For Jasmine, mindset was a major part of getting her business off the ground. This mindset needs to involve believing in yourself and what you are trying to achieve.

“Your mindset will either guide you to the next steps of prosperity or keep you stagnant! I absolutely had to be my biggest fan, I had to truly believe in my company, Cosmoj, and it’s services. Every hurdle was a learning experience, not failure. That’s how every person with a dream needs to approach their goals.” Recommends Jasmine. 

Jasmine has truly embraced her business and with it has had to balance her life and her newfound work. As a single mom and entrepreneur, she is always handling many tasks at once. In addition to Cosmoj, Jasmine also works as a pharmacy manager. 

“I am a single mom, a pharmacy manager, and an entrepreneur all at once! My biggest obstacle has been learning how to balance my new lifestyle; as a single mom, a corporate leader, and the CEO-Founder to Cosmoj. I’m juggling a lot, but everyday is a day for me to do better, to learn, and to love!” Says Jasmine.

Though a lot of her business was based on insecurities around herself and her work, Jasmine has turned this insecurity into a new way to challenge herself to be better. She says that once she has mastered Cosmoj, she will move on to creating other businesses dedicated to her daughter thanks to her new found confidence.

“My competition is MYSELF. I’m constantly challenging myself, I am my biggest critic and fan. It’s only me and the finish line in the race. I thank my God everyday for where he has brought me and where he is taking me.” Exclaims Jasmine.

If you would like to learn more about Jasmine as well as Cosmoj, you can check out the Cosmoj website at cosmojforyou.com. You can also follow them on instagram @cosmoj_for_you.