Abby Roberge: Comedy’s Golden Star

 Abby Roberge: Comedy’s Golden Star

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Abby Roberge, the new golden icon of stand-up comedy is nothing short of a rarity in his field. This guru of comedy has been gifting the world with laughter and light-hearted fun since his debut in the world of comedy and from all indications, he is poised to continue delighting fans around the world for many years to come.

The Genesis of Roberge’s Assent into Comedic Greatness

Roberge was born and raised in Canada; that is until the age of twelve (12) when nothing short of fate brought him to Los Angeles. This move helped to widen his scope of the world and altered his ambitions and pretty soon he had his sights set on comedy. Nothing would deter him. He was set on success.

 Before branching off into comedy, Roberge started off his career as an actor and writer, which made him no stranger to criticism and performance tension. This served as an excellent foundation for his foray into the world of standup comedy and acting. As a consummate professional and determined, goal-oriented individual, Roberge was able to convert criticism and tension into fuel and inspiration for improving his craft as a performer.

 Roberge showed tremendous initiative and determination in his efforts to become a comedian. He improved his comedic abilities by working in close quarters to other creator’s performances as a doorman at The World Famous comedy store. As he carried out his duties, he watched and listened keenly absorbing all that he needed to build a style and repertoire of his own. With the information he gathered from hearing the responses of other viewers to performers who attended the stores events, he was better able to deliver what crowds desired with his own content.

The Phenomenal Growth of Roberge’s Fame

His remarkable work ethic led him to amazing opportunities such as touring with the big shots of comedy such as Bill Burr, Russell Peters, and Bob Saget. He has also performed at multiple comedy arenas such as Hollywoods’ Laugh Factory, which currently has 1 .17 million subscribers on YouTube, Just For Laughs, and The Comedy Store where previously worked. The fans he garnered through these engagements are simply awed by his ability to trigger laughter and have kept on returning for more of only what Roberge can dish out.

Roberge’s work in entertainment is by no means limited to the performances outlined above. His success as a comedian also gave his acting career a boost as he guest starred on NBCs very popular show Modern Family as Ben, the son of Uncle Ned who owns Uncle Ned’s Cookies. Clearly, this comedian is a tremendously talented and multifaceted superstar!

Undoubtedly, Roberge is one of the greatest gems to grace the world of comedy.