Abeer Fahim- Every Woman’s Inspiration

 Abeer Fahim- Every Woman’s Inspiration

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If there is one thing I like about this generation is that changes are being made. Women are no longer expected to only be family caretakers, they are chasing their dreams fearlessly and uplifting other women at the same time. You can’t talk about these women and not mention Dr Abeer Fahim. An author and academic who has made countless achievements and inspired thousands and thousands of women across the globe. Her readers and supporters look up to her and get inspired.

At only age 8, Abeer knew exactly what she wanted. She had been passionate about language and academia and she knew exactly what she would want to teach at such a young age. She fiercely worked hard and achieved her goals. Even though she has got there she hasn’t stopped making more plans and achieving each and every one of them. After high school, Abeer received her BA in English literature and afterwards went to the prestigious Durham University in the United Kingdom where she attained her MA and PhD. She has made tremendous contributions in terms of research and attended and presented in many conferences around the world including at Oxford University in England and at Havard university in the United States of America. She is particularly interested in the medical humanities where she is researching the intersection of literature and medicine.

Apart from academia, Abeer Fahim is an outstanding author with a massive amount of reader who loves and supports her. She is extremely talented and her novels and poetry are beyond inspiring. She usually writes about strength, goals, power, happiness and so many other inspiring things. Her work has been quoted by so many women around the world and some big women’s organisation on events like International women’s day or just any day where some good inspiring words are needed. She is beyond talented and her work is extremely beautiful and empowering.

A good example of her work is her book “ Her Seven Days In Bali ”. It is by far one of the most inspiring books one can ever read. It is a journey about finding oneself, pushing limits, achieving the unimaginable, confidence, believing in yourself and getting back up when times get tougher knowing it does not have to be the end of your story. It is a story of hope, strength and self-love. It went absolutely viral on social media even before it was released as Abeer would post the work before publishing it to get thoughts from her readers. So many women have reached out to her to express gratitude for how her talent has saved them countless times.

Here is one of our favourite quotes from Dr Abeer Fahim

‘`I am a woman who has loved and lost, a woman who is often remembered and often forgotten. I am a woman with thoughts and words the world can see –

but memories locked safely in my heart. I am a woman who believes that happiness is worth fighting for even as I lose a battle against my tears. They say “you must be full of contradictions.” I say “No. I’m full of possibilities.”

Into the Talented Abeer Fahim Quotes

Abeer Fahim is undoubtedly one of the best authors and poets of our generation. There is so much noise in literature these days and it’s hard to find a good meaningful read. However, Dr Abeere Fahim manages to stand out with her beautiful, moving, empowering, inspiring and impactful work. We are always left in awe of her talent. Today we are looking at some of our favourite quotes from her and why we love them. If you have never seen her work, buckle up and be ready to be amazed. There is a reason why she has thousands of readers and fans who love her work.

1. “We spend our lives searching for that missing piece that will make us “whole”.

We long to find it in a person, a place, or a thing—but whatever we find isn’t enough.

We forget that we, as humans, are imperfect and so are our lives. Perhaps it’s time to realize that we need to live—in spite of the missing piece—and not in search of it.”

A lot of us have found ourselves where we felt lost, empty or purposeless. Most of the times we dig and dig for something to make us whole and often times the things we find just end up breaking us more. Dr Abeer lets us know that sometimes what we are looking for is within us and not outside us. We go out searching for another love, another career, another hobby, another and another and another but what we should actually be doing is loving ourselves, appreciating what we have and using the time we have in the world to be content and live to the fullest. We resonate so much with Abeer Fahim on this and couldn’t love and agree more with this quote.

2. “When you know that someone is investing their time and energy to knock you down, remember that they see something amazing in you they want to break. Perhaps they are broken, haunted by what they wish they were but never became – and instead of working on themselves, they’re working on breaking your spirit. Don’t let them into that bright part of you. Don’t let them cast their shadow on your present. Perhaps one day they will find their inner peace. But their battle is not yours to fight.”

Most often we succumb to being put down by the opinions of people. We forget that people’s opinions of us and everything else is a reflection of who they are as people and not who we are. If someone says you are going to fail it reflects their lack of faith and not your strength. When someone says mean things to you it reflects on their misery rather than your character. Most people want to vent and they vent wherever they see fit, that has nothing to do with you. Keep doing you, keep believing in yourself, loving yourself and reaching for your goals.

If you enjoyed the quotes you will absolutely love her book “ Her Seven Days In Bali”. Here is a link to it https://www.amazon.com/Seven-Days-Bali-Abeer-Fahim-ebook/dp/B07MTQ9JW7