Alex Shue Launches One of the Fastest Growing Social Media Marketing Companies of 2020

 Alex Shue Launches One of the Fastest Growing Social Media Marketing Companies of 2020

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Alex Shue​ is one of the most outstanding entrepreneurs in the online space. He is accompanied by his company Icon Social Marketing which has helped 100’s build their online presence through platforms like Instagram and more. Alex is a 20 year old marketing expert that has built an agency with an incredible reach and reputation in the marketplace as a leader in the field. With little to no startup capital or experience Alex has used the power of social media to build his company and help businesses across the globe.

Today Alex resides in Scottsdale, Arizona where he currently runs ​Icon Social Marketing​. He leads a team of over 150+ affiliates that work everyday collectively as a team to sell and find solutions for businesses in need of their solutions. He has an incredible online presence, including over 100,000 followers on Instagram. He has leveraged the investment he has made into his personal brand to build his business and recruit new affiliates over the past two years.

Alex started out in Entrepreneurship two years ago, at that time he was a college student working a side job locally. During that time Alex began thinking about joining the online space, he’d seen people making leaps in the field and building an empire. Alex made a decision during that time to drop out of college and quit his job to go all in on his dream of becoming an entrepreneur and learning about the online space.

Throughout the next two years Alex learned the ins and outs of the industry and started to build his reputation in the market. As things started to move forward for Alex he decided to leave the company he’d partnered with and started Icon Social Marketing. Alex’s edge in the market that has allowed him to grow rapidly is his value of building relationships with his customers.

Through building his own brand online, he has built the empire he now has. He is known across the industry as one of the pioneers or leaders in the space and is renowned for the results he has been able to help his clients achieve. With such an amazing transformation in a short period of time, what is stopping you from joining the movement.

Alex​ has opportunities for just about anyone, whether you’re looking to grow your online brand, sell services with Icon Social as an affiliate, or receive mentorship from Alex to conquer your limiting beliefs and reach your full potential. If you’re looking to learn more about anyone of these opportunities or check out more of Alex’s story click ​here.