Ali Jamal Awad – Turn Opportunity Into Becoming A Social Media Mogul

 Ali Jamal Awad – Turn Opportunity Into Becoming A Social Media Mogul

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Ali Jamal Awad is the personification of changing your career in the direction you want! He started his career as an employee at a law firm for $40k a year. Unfortunately, his boss refused to pay the bonuses he deserved. Enough was enough! With a debt of $200k, this was not the future he studied so hard for. Just one day after quitting his job he started his own business. Ali Jamal Awad started out giving free legal advice on social media. Quickly he had many people turning to him for legal advice. His name spread fast around social media. And before he knew he was driving all around the state giving legal advice. In turn, this generated a lot of cases for him to handle. 

Only 2 months after he registered his firm, he already had to hire his first employee to do the paperwork. After just over a year his company already generated his first million-dollar. Now he has a whole team of employees to keep up with all the business that he is generating. As a modern social media business all his employees work with a laptop and a business phone from home or wherever they want, to keep the cost low and the efficiency high.

Ali Jamal Awad already launched a new company called “CEO Media”. Many doctors, lawyers, and other professionals saw how Ali Jamal Awad build his niche though social media. Now he helps professionals at the top of their fields to build their niche through social media. Coming from a family in the poor part of Dubai Ali Jamal Awad is grateful he had the American nationality, which gave him the opportunity he needed to build his business.

Which tips does Ali Jamal Awad has for us when building a brand through social media?

  • Take advice from the right people. If you want to become an entrepreneur through social media, find a mentor who already did what you aim to achieve. 
  •  Using social media is not a substitute for hard work. When building your business on social media you have to work hard every day to achieve your goals. 

What can we learn from Ali Jamal Awad to become successful? 

  • Be grateful for the opportunities you get in life. don’t let your opportunities go to waste. 
  • Surround yourself with the right people. This includes employees with the right mindset, who want to learn new skills and become better every day. Avoid people with a bad mindset, even if they have the skills. Working hard and with passion is more important than talent. 

Which things should you avoid according to Ali Jamal Awad?

  • Don’t let your ego be in the way. Don’t pretend you know it all, because you don’t. Be open and eager to learn and improve yourself every day. Only by improving yourself, you can improve your business or current situation in life. 
  • Stop being in contact with the people that matter. During your journey, you will meet many people who can help you during the rest of your career. Don’t feel too proud to be the one keeping the contact with someone alive. Especially with mentors you had in life. They can be very valuable during the rest of your career.