Andrew Covington’s perception of fear and success and how this led to him starting his

 Andrew Covington’s perception of fear and success and how this led to him starting his

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A business owner’s perception of fear and success is what will determine the projection of their career. To Andrew Covington, fear is instinctive and can either be a precaution or an obstacle holding you back. To expand further, fear can either stop you from ever reaching your full potential or force you to level up and evolve as you push through the unknown. As Andrew has developed his skillset and built his legacy in business he has had plenty of experiences with fear where he had no choice but to push through the unknown. 

On the contrary, success to Andrew Covington means happiness and mobility. Andrew stated “Success means having the freedom to do whatever you want to do and having without restrictions.” Financial freedom is an incredibly important resource to allow you to live a life of abundance with the people you care about. This mantra has been one of the reasons Andrew has worked diligently to become a successful entrepreneur. Money isn’t the only factor to happiness, there are a plethora of wealthy people in the world who are miserable because they lost themselves chasing financial gain. Andrew is an incredible person and community leader, by building his wealth, he plans to continue to contribute to nonprofits and take care of those around him. 

Andrew Covington always tried to find businesses or industries to get into that matched a need in the marketplace. For example, when Andrew was in college he saw all of his friends and classmates loving to party and saw an opportunity. He used to love to party and saw this interest among all people his age so he started renting venues, organizing, and hosting parties. All throughout college, Andrew Covington hosted the biggest events at his school. From here, he worked his way up in the industry to clubs and major scale concerts. This interest and business venture followed Andrew to law school, and he developed a company called the Cavali Group with two other partners Chris Anthony and Juan Cosme. Today, their team throws large scale concerts and annual events at CIAA, GHOE, and Miami Spring Break, and have put on events and tours with celebrities in various locations.

Andrew Covington decided to start his own business because he wanted to be able to grow and evolve on his own schedule while maintaining the freedom to make his own decisions. He likes creating opportunities for others so owning his own business puts him in a position to do so. Andrew has had a multitude of business ventures throughout his life so far, creating many opportunities for himself, which puts him at a perfect position to help others do the same. 

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This notable charitable organization is close to Andrew’s heart because his mom was diagnosed with a disease that caused her to go blind. To honor his mom’s legacy, he has continued to build her empire by running her hair salons. Currently they have two successful salons backed by the support of Andrew himself. Between his contribution to a great cause and continuing to build his mom’s legacy, Andrew has defined what is already well known for entrepreneurs. We all want to make an impact and a difference..

Andrew Covington has shown through his own established legacy the impact he has made and the character it has shown that he resembles. To learn more about Andrew or anyone of his various solutions to help people in the marketplace or his contributional causes, follow Andrew directly on Instagram.