Angolina Amores Is The Female Mogul Of Our Time. Discover How She Is Helping Women Achieve Their Business Dreams

 Angolina Amores Is The Female Mogul Of Our Time. Discover How She Is Helping Women Achieve Their Business Dreams

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Getting women involved in executive positions where the decisions are being made has long been a goal for achieving true equality amongst men and women. Though this often refers to the political world, it also holds truth in the business world. This is Angolina Amores’ goal with her work on promoting female businesses and female empowerment. For her, she achieved business success and has conquered the world of entrepreneurship.

“I started my female empowerment company, The Alpha Femme, with the goal of helping ambitious women build successful businesses. My mission is to empower women to build their empires unapologetically.” explains Angolina. 

Angolina has numerous products that are meant to help women achieve their goals in the business world. She’s forging a path for others to follow her into the business world by starting what she calls “fempires”. This includes female entrepreneur related apparel, courses that teach others how to scale their business, and an online community of ambitious women. She’s helping women make six to seven figures with a focus on building passive income. She’s truly The Female Mogul of our time!

“The Alpha Femme is comprised of a female empowerment related e-commerce store (, a course on building million-dollar brands, and a community of ambitious women ( It’s the largest online female entrepreneur apparel store. I’m creating a trend in women aspiring to become multi-millionaires and leaders in their industries. Our best-selling shirt is actually our “Be Your Own Sugar Daddy” tee!” says Angolina.

Angolina never believed that the nine to five was for her. She was miserable working for a corporation that would replace her at any second, and she knew that she would never get those hours back. This is something that many people from different walks of life feel about the normal nine to five job. She decided to build something bigger that could help others, particularly women, become goal driven entrepreneurs. Now, The Female Mogul is powered by a business mindset, which has kept her on top of the business world, working with celebrities, and helps her and others build an income passively.

“I never believed in a 9-5 and that I was wasting my precious time on someone else’s dream. It hit me that I would never get back the 8-10 hours a day. I wanted to put all that effort and time into my own business and build my own legacy helping and inspiring others. I only lasted 6 months at an office job and so I quit and started my own e-commerce businesses. In 2018 I started The Alpha Femme for the purpose of empowering and supporting women in challenging the status quo by building their empires unapologetically,” Angolina recounts.

Angolina has a piece of advice for people looking to start their own business: find people to learn from. Though she doesn’t necessarily mean you have to find a mentor, she recommends listening and learning from others. In addition, she also recommends mastering the tools that can help you get ahead. She mastered the art of the internet and digital tools that have helped push her ahead of the curve.

“Find people to learn from so you can avoid costly mistakes and save yourself time. I don’t necessarily mean getting a mentor, but network and listen to people’s stories. Surround yourself with smarter and more successful people than you. You want to feel inspired and learn their moves. Find someone who has a business similar to yours, or someone who’s in the same industry. Then find out what ads or marketing experts they work with. Find out where they source their materials. You want to get a clear picture of how their business is running. Then apply those strategies to yours and add your own spice and innovation. You can’t go wrong with that and you don’t need to fix what’s not broken. Do what’s already working and do it even better.” advises Angolina.

Angolina’s background has given her a leg up on people around the world who have similar businesses. She knows what it’s like to be a part of a job that didn’t work for her and to feel like she’s getting nowhere. She never wants another woman to feel like that again. For Angolina, her mission is all about forging a path for women and shattering that glass ceiling that has kept so many women behind. Angolina’s a trendsetter and trailblazer for women and other minorities alike.

“My background, my story, and my vision are highly unique. I have businesses in different industries so when I call myself The Female Mogul, I truly live that out. I know how to scale businesses, I know how to market them and I know how to market myself. Often people lack in certain areas that either make or break them, so what’s important is to be able to manage all the different elements that contribute to success well. Your personal brand needs the same or even more attention and dedication than your business sometimes, when it comes to finding out who your ideal target market is,” exclaims Angolina.

To find out more about Angolina, you can check out her instagram @angolinaamores. You can also check out her website at and her Millionaire Brand Mastery Course here.