Are Clickfunnels The Marketing Vertical of the Future? According to Groovy Marketing, the Answer is Yes

 Are Clickfunnels The Marketing Vertical of the Future? According to Groovy Marketing, the Answer is Yes

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More businesses are going online today than ever before thanks to coronavirus-fueled shutdowns and regulations. Everything from clothing companies to personal trainers are taking to the internet to find their customers. It’s easy and something that can be done safely from their living rooms. Therefore, more business owners than ever before are wondering how they can spend the least amount of time on marketing, yet aggregate the greatest number of clients. That’s where clickfunnels come into the picture.


Clickfunnels automate the entire sales process, providing a business owner with power and control over every stage of the buying journey. Instead of marrying different parts together for one lead funnel, with a clickfunnel, all of that is taken care of in one, centralized location. It’s a win-win for the customer and the seller, cutting back the time, hassle, and money that previously went into a coordinated marketing effort.


The All-In-One Solution

Already pioneering the power of the clickfunnel long before the COVID-19 shift was Groovy Marketing, an expert clickfunnel distribution and hosting platform. Known for mastering the art of a sales funnel, which has one page, one offer, and one opportunity to take action, Groovy Marketing has secured results and conversion rates that speak for themselves.


“Clickfunnels software is primarily designed to provide online businesses with a complete sales funnel,” said _________, Owner of Groovy marketing. “It’s a simple, hassle-free alternative to ranking your website in search results while collecting leads with much more ease. So many of these business owners don’t have prior online marketing experience, which is why an all-in-one solution is their best bet for playing catch-up today.”


Creating a sales funnel can be a tricky process that requires different parts, coordination, and background information. This isn’t always something that new online marketers possess, which is the appeal of a clickfunnel. With Groovy Marketing, everything is managed through one platform. There are no multiple marketing tools required for every stage of the customer journey. Pages can be designed, optimized, and targeted, with retargeting messages that are sent out at different points in the customer journey. 


What’s Included in a Clickfunnel Package?

What are some of these tools, exactly? They include: website hosting, landing page design, A/B testing, email autoresponders, affiliate management, integrated payment systems, ongoing support, training materials, and templates. With Groovy Marketing, they provide million-dollar clickfunnel templates that they have seem perform over and over again for their clients. 


“We see it like this: why reinvent the wheel when we already have a proven, tried, and tested method that actually works? And, the templates as well?” said _________. “Clickfunnels makes creating complex funnels super simple, which is why we are working with all businesses impacted by coronavirus today. Business owners don’t have time to waste – they need sales and they need them now. There’s no better solution for that than clickfunnels.”


Groovy Marketing helps clients from every industry leverage clickfunnels to build high converting sales funnels. From business to lifestyle sectors, Groovy Marketing’s all-in-one approach has aggregated hundreds of thousands of dollars for all participating partners.