Meet CJ Hammond, CEO of Fit Legend Inc

CJ Hammond is an entrepreneur who found his passion in the fitness industry and started his own business called Fit Legend Inc. CJ has learned many lessons in his life and learned something from each of those that has driven him to success. CJ was born and raised in the Washington DC area and attended […]Read More

David Nicolas Albanese on the cannabis industry

David Nicolas Albanese is a serial entrepreneur who is making his way in the business world by exploring new opportunities in the medical and recreational cannabis industry for his firm, High Farms. It is not only his visionary approach but his knowledge of the industry and determination towards his goals that has helped him achieve […]Read More

Adam Reich on his upcoming projects

Adam Reich is an American entrepreneur who founded True Credit Repair which is a credit repair business. Adam did not want to not solely be proficient in a few areas of the industry, he was determined to become an expert in the credit repair industry to provide the best services possible. He loves interacting with […]Read More

Andy Ta Kong and his Amazon Dropshipping Model

Andy Ta Kong is an entrepreneur who has worked hard all his life. His commitment to his work has paid off as he now has the freedom to do as he pleases and the liberty to travel when he desires to. He is passionate about what he does and wouldn’t have it any other way. […]Read More

Jose Gordo on the importance of mindset and his philosophy for life

Jose Gordo is an entrepreneur who is setting the tone for his businesses in 2020 with his discipline, perseverance towards his goals, and passion for what he is doing. Jose is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, best-selling author, and world- class business strategist. Fear is not a factor in Jose’s life and he makes every business decision […]Read More