Meet CEO of Empire Wellness Joshua Newman

Joshua Brian Newman is the founder and CEO of Empire Wellness and has dedicated his life and passion to the CBD industry along with scaling and expanding his business. Empire Wellness offers high quality products that you can trust. Empire Extracts works closely with a wide range of experts from farmers, chemists, doctors, and technicians […]Read More


Moses Mandelbaum Speaks on Creating a Fashion Tribe

Moses Mandelbaum founded True Outliers on his pursuit to design a luxury, warm and environmentally friendly coat that could withstand the frigid Canadian winters.  As he started his business, he built a community of individuals that embody the core value “We are a group of people that are not concerned with what everyone else is […]Read More


Revolutionizing the Cannabis Industry with David Albanese

With heightening studies and research focused around the medical and recreational use of cannabis, entrepreneurs are looking to capitalize on the endless opportunities the market holds. David Albanese has revolutionized the cannabis industry through the creation of High Farms, where he aims to uplift merchants and growers’ efforts to begin their business venture. David has […]Read More

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Stephen Scoggins’ Upcoming Book Leading Inspiration

From sleeping in a friend’s car to constructing multimillion-dollar businesses, Stephen Scoggins is a spokesperson to individuals seeking entry to the entrepreneurial world. Facing obstacles including homelessness from a young age led him to discover his passion of helping others that he fully incorporates throughout his businesses. Stephen Scoggins, founder of The Journey Principles Institute […]Read More