WRAWKSTAR’S “Let’s Be Great”: Is it really that bad?

WRAWKSTAR had a pretty solid trajectory with releasing his music this year. His first four songs alone generated over a hundred thousand views on YouTube, along with almost 50 thousand streams on Spotify.    Then he dropped Let’s Be Great. The self-produced track has gotten more attention than all of his previous releases combined, but […]Read More

Jason Derulo Destroys His Teeth in Stupid TikTok Challenge

Jason Derulo is missing a few teeth now lol. The 30-year-old singer attempted to eat a corncob attached to a power drill as part of a “lifehack” TikTok challenge. However, the only thing he appears to have eaten are his front teeth. In the brutal video, the “Cats” actor can be heard saying, “I’ve always wanted to try […]Read More

From Dropout To Millionaire: Aaron Ware’s Story

While some teenagers were busy with parties and their studies, Aaron Ware was already building up his own business. His journey started when he ended his high school education. But having no diploma didn’t stop him from pursuing his dreams. Soon, he found himself being the owner of Pedley’s Solar, a major electrical service company […]Read More

The Trucking Industry Grew 9% This Year

The connectivity and mobile advancements made in the Internet-of-Things (IoT), and the rise of various devices and dispatch software have been vital in the growth of the trucking industry these past few years. It certainly helped trucking companies survive 2019 and grow, despite being besieged with bad weather, overcapacity, industrial slowdown, and the issues from […]Read More

Celebrities That Have Been Endorsed By Cannabis Brands

The cannabis industry has become a multi-billion dollar industry since its regulation by most states in the US. The federal government still classifies cannabis as an illegal drug but has a caveat that allows the use of medical cannabis in a critical situation known as the right to try. Eleven states have legalized the use […]Read More