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How Real Estate Innovator Mark Atalla’s New Book Gives The Key To Industry Success

Entrepreneur and businessman Mark Atalla is back, this time with a brand new book, “Money Matters: World’s Leading Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Top Tips To Success (Real Estate Vol.2 – Edition 3)”. Renowned in the real estate world for his innovation in the industry, Mark is opening up about what it takes to make it in […]Read More


A Single Mom, a Business Owner, and a Pharmacy Manager: Jasmine Dickerson and Her Business, Cosmoj, Help make Medical Costs more Affordable

For many of us, we rely on access to health insurance coverage to get through our everyday lives. However, if your insurance can only cover a small percentage of the overhead cost of medical treatments, the cost suddenly becomes out of reach for many who may need and/or desire innovative procedures out today. Jasmine Dickerson […]Read More


Discover How Lil G Keeps Making Great Beats

Everyone loves music, which is why everyone has a favorite song, band, artist or album. Technology has made it possible for people to listen to a wide variety of music pieces whenever they want. With so much to see great talent often goes by overlooked. This is why it is important to highlight Lil G’s […]Read More