4 Finance Lessons From Celebrity Influencers

Money, influence, and status are some of the perks of being a celebrity. Many probably imagine high-profile names like Jay-Z and Oprah Winfrey as big spenders; after all, they do have a hefty net worth attached to their names. However, celebrities can go broke, even if they’re making millions. That was almost the case for […]Read More

Top Interviews

Abeer Fahim- Every Woman’s Inspiration

If there is one thing I like about this generation is that changes are being made. Women are no longer expected to only be family caretakers, they are chasing their dreams fearlessly and uplifting other women at the same time. You can’t talk about these women and not mention Dr Abeer Fahim. An author and […]Read More

Social Media

5 Types of Influencer Content That Sell on Social Media

There’s no doubt that social media is booming. It’s estimated that both Instagram and Facebook have over 1 billion global users each. Thanks to the increase in Internet users and the proliferation of smartphones, anybody can access multiple platforms. For social media influencers, that means having a massive audience that can make them overnight sensations. […]Read More


Abby Roberge: Comedy’s Golden Star

Abby Roberge, the new golden icon of stand-up comedy is nothing short of a rarity in his field. This guru of comedy has been gifting the world with laughter and light-hearted fun since his debut in the world of comedy and from all indications, he is poised to continue delighting fans around the world for […]Read More