BlackWater – the new wave of blockchain mining set to conquer crypto-mining space

 BlackWater – the new wave of blockchain mining set to conquer crypto-mining space

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Thanks to BlackWater, a new wave of blockchain mining, investors now have the opportunity to accumulate discounted Bitcoin through a mining process that removes the hassles of hardware procurement, operational execution, and system management.


BlackWater, based in the United States, is a crypto-mining data center that acquires and facilitates clients’ miners on their behalf. As the company prides itself on having a partner-focused approach, BlackWater promises a simple yet effective profit-sharing business model that incentivizes the program to run efficiently and effectively over the duration of a client’s investment.


One of BlackWater’s most important advantages is security. The program’s machine that conducts mining management is beyond secure and protected, operating with 24/7 security. The program also works with industry professionals to keep up with the latest software and hardware developments.


‘Most profitable mining journey’

“Long-term commitment, flexibility, and transparency” are the things future investors can expect from this crypto-mining management system, according to BlackWater CFO Joseph “Joey” Fraser.


“Our goal is to ensure a profitable mining journey for our partners. We have a history of overcoming problems with profound solutions and believe our ability to rapidly execute will put us on top during even the most challenging times,” Joey emphasizes.


To ensure that future investors and clients get more bang for their buck, BlackWater will be leveraging strong strategic ties with mining vendors so it can offer competitive pricing on mining equipment.


“The main goal of BlackWater is to deliver long-term wealth creation to everyday people through cryptocurrency,” Joey reiterates. “We believe mining is the most powerful way to profitably accumulate cryptocurrency, and that is why we see massive mining farms growing around the globe.”


The BlackWater CFO also adds that BlackWater is focused on creating the same opportunity to create wealth through cryptocurrency to the masses – without needing the know-how, home power configurations, or inconvenience of managing heat distribution and noise typically associated with crypto-mining.


According to the company, this is also the best time for investors to enter mining as the value of crypto continues to soar while the world is set to soon enter Web 3.0, which will be based on blockchain technology.


“The overall market value of all cryptocurrencies surpassed $2 trillion last year, which is why many institutions are now willing and confident to commit funds in this industry,” explains BlackWater. The asset management industry is a good example of this. This indicates that mining is the greatest way to obtain bitcoin. “This is where BlackWater comes in.”


Marcello Cantu, the company’s 31-year-old CEO, meanwhile highlights what makes BlackWater unique: “A lot of emerging crypto companies are getting in and out of the space with quick profits in mind. Blackwater is here for the long game.”


Led by a young but very capable team

BlackWater is led by experienced, successful, and serial entrepreneurs with extensive experience in the sector.


The CEO, Marcello, assures everyone that BlackWater’s future is secure. Aside from BlackWater, he is also currently the CEO of Project WiFi, a very successful dropshipping company that has generated, in the last two years, over $23 MILLION in combined revenue, with the experience of going from $100,000 in sales to over $23 MILLION just through social media.


“I’ve held the title of CEO for the past 21 months. I’ve discovered that being a CEO entails serving others. My primary goal is to assist our clients, customers, and workers. Everything in the ecology. As a leader, I’ve instilled in my team culture of self-sacrifice for the greater good of our company and the blockchain network.”

Carrying with him his experience and expertise gained over the past two years, Marcello feels his existing team has the skills and integrity to complete a successful mining operation with a capacity of 20 megawatts or more.


Andy Ta Kong meanwhile leads BlackWater’s engineering team. He is a young programmer with over 5 years of expertise. He’s also led engineering teams of more than 25 software developers at a multibillion-dollar firm.


Andy has always been an entrepreneur at heart and likes learning new technologies, which is why he became fascinated with online businesses at the age of 14 and founded a Minecraft Hosting Company with previous friends and colleagues. He is known for always looking for challenges where he can use his potential most and always loves to work with people.


Joey then rounds out the team as a young entrepreneur with strong expertise in sales and entrepreneurship. He has supplied continuous staff to Project Wifi and contributed ideas that have led to what the firm has become as a young resourceful entrepreneur who has generated over $600,000 in revenue from his network alone. Joey began his career at Project Wifi as an unpaid intern, assisting in sales and operations, and is now the company’s owner.


Seeing the combined potential of himself, Marcello, and Andy in the crypto-mining space, Joey took a chance at what has now become BlackWater.