Brandon Heitmann on how he grows his company Exigent Landscaping

 Brandon Heitmann on how he grows his company Exigent Landscaping

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Brandon Heitmann is an entrepreneur who is the founder and CEO of Exigent Design & Build. Exigent Design & Build started off as a lawn cutting service in 2011. Brandon Heitmann started off with just a push mower cutting lawns in his subdivision for some extra cash. After a few years of cutting lawns and doing minor landscaping maintenance work, Heitmann decided it was time to embark on a new journey in the company. He began to learn the hardscaping side of the business which is where he found his true passion. 9 years later the company has evolved into a true landscape construction company that offers 3D designs and can construct anything from a simple retaining wall to in-ground pools and spas. There is nothing exterior that Exigent Design & Build cannot build for you. 


At Exigent Design & Build, Brandon is building clients’ dreams. He and his team are changing clients’ lives, giving clients the opportunity to create wonderful new memories of their new landscape. He is changing the lives of his employees helping them reach their goals while keeping work fun, challenging, and exciting. This year Brandon also started his own mentorship program called Exigent Academy Mentorship where he has made a goal for himself to help 200 contractors become millionaires. 


Exigent Design & Build LLC is a full design & build service specializing in hardscape construction in the Metro Detroit area. They are committed to providing the absolute best service and performance in the landscape construction industry, from the initial design consultation to the finished product. Any new customer can call today for a free estimate and design consultation. 


How the process works with Exigent Design & Build LLC is to contact them and set up a consultation where they will visit the property and create a custom plan. The next step is to provide financing options that are within reach of your project. Finally, they will set a timeline and scope for the project to bring your dream to life. 

Exigent Design & Build LLC is focused on providing service to new construction homes, clients looking to revamp their landscaping, and also young business owners looking to grow and expand their own business. They are able to provide the best quality service and provide the best experience for their clients. From their design team, sales team, and install team, they all go above and beyond to exceed their clients’ expectations. Brandon and his employees take tremendous pride in their work and love to see the end result of our product. To learn more information about Brandon Heitmann and his business to get started today, click here.