BrookeLyn From 0 to 2.5M likes!

 BrookeLyn From 0 to 2.5M likes!

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The millennial world of social media is a hot bed of breaking new talent. Brookelyn however is one of the frontrunners of this new business frontier. In just 8 short months Brookelyn has nurtured her brand and talent becoming one of the fastest growing UK social media influencers out there. She has amassed a staggering 1 million Facebook followers in just 240 days, yup that’s 4,166 people per day liking her page), and it continues to grow! Her monthly reach often exceeds 100 million+ with her comedy antics and tongue in cheek parodies raising eyebrows across the globe.

Instagram is also following suit. Her Insta platform has grown to 350k in total, with almost 1500 likes per day. Her engagement via this medium is probably the most impressive of all though, with 3 of her recent video posts reaching over 1 million views each, the highest engagement of those surpassing 4.2 million views. Pretty mouthwatering no? Brookelyns’ focus in the coming months will be to hit the 1 million followers on the platform.

To date, Brookelyn has had over 1 billion video views in total with 500 million directly attributed to her social platforms. The result is simple. Brookelyn can no longer be ignored, her reach mammoths her piers and shows no sign of slowing.

With several high profile brand collaborations already under her belt in 2017 her brand portfolio is also really taking shape this year too, validating her as a key player in the world of social media influencers.

The future holds much promise for the self made marketing machine as the millennial star hurtles towards the 2 million follower mark at a pace

Watch this (social) space.

City where you’re from: Edinburgh, Scotland living in London for past 12 years which is now my home!

Hobbies: I love to cook, work out and travel as much as I can.

Favorite quote: “Acceptance not Expectance”

When Your GirI is a Creep.. ???

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Posted by Brookelyn on Thursday, April 20, 2017

Hey Brooke Lynette! What got you into making your influencer account? When did you start?

Brooke Lynette: I featured in a video for other influencers (woody and kleiny) and loved being part of it then I decided to make my own page and content to see where it would take me, that was just 8 months ago.

What are some secrets to virality in your most successful platform (Fb) The general public love content which is relatable, they love to laugh and they love to be able to tag their friends or share it for others. If you find an idea which is very relatable and you can make people laugh or shock them then you’re in with a good chance of it doing well. You also need a big share network in order to push your content out, a fan base which engage on your content on upload is also key.

If you had to build your following all over, how would you do it much quicker?

Brooke Lynette: I think reaching over a million in 8 months was pretty quick but if i could do it all over again I would put out more content and aim for 2 million in 8 months 🙂

Every man & woman during pregnancy ???? (tag ur partner) w/ @woodyandkleiny ?

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Who are other influencers you look up to?

Brooke Lynette: Ah there is so many other influencers out there which i look up to, you have the likes of Logan paul, King Bach, Amanda Cerny, all killing it right now. Those 3 are my favourites, Amanda more so for being beautiful, sexy, smart and funny! Did I mention she’s female? I love powerful women!

How did you promote your content in the early days? I started with Woody & Kleiny who helped me massively then I have always used the help of the community of people i share with to help me get out there, collabs also help alot especially when you’re new and have not got your face and name out there.

How long does it take you to produce your content? Which software do you use to make your video and track its engagement/promotion if any?

Brooke Lynette: From thinking of the idea to filming then editing then uploading it varies on each video. The average sketch takes 3 hours to film and 1-2 days to edit it to be ready to upload. My main editor (kleiny from ‘Woody and Kleiny’  uses final cut pro but i have worked with others who use premiere pro too. Every video varies!

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Posted by Brookelyn on Thursday, May 25, 2017

Value-add questions

What’s something new you’ve learned in the past month (whether some new social media update or a new marketing technique)?

Brooke Lynette: I’m always learning new things on a daily basis, i would have a list full so i won’t bore you but everyday you learn something new in this industry, that’s why it’s fun!

What should an influencer focus on?

Brooke Lynette: Themselves! Focus on your own growth, your own content and not on others.

What are some of the best books you’ve ever read?

Brooke Lynette: The alchemist was a great read.

What’s your ultimate goal with your account?

Brooke Lynette: To grow as big as possible and as quick as possible.

What’s your dream?

Brooke Lynette: Well my dream 6 months ago was to be doing this full time and now here i am, i guess to keep going for as long as possible.

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