Celebrities That Have Been Endorsed By Cannabis Brands

 Celebrities That Have Been Endorsed By Cannabis Brands

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The cannabis industry has become a multi-billion dollar industry since its regulation by most states in the US. The federal government still classifies cannabis as an illegal drug but has a caveat that allows the use of medical cannabis in a critical situation known as the right to try. Eleven states have legalized the use of cannabis for recreational and therapeutic purposes while thirty-three has legalized its use for therapeutic purposes.

The overall sales for the year 2019 are expected to hit $13.6 billion, a 32% increase to last year’s $10.3 billion. These numbers are expected to hit $30 billion by the year 2025. For such a huge industry as this, it is expected that it has some associated celebrities and brands that would further put this industry in good light and increase its acceptability among skeptics.

Patrick Stewart

The X-men star who played the role of Professor Xavier has been battling with severe arthritis for years and confirmed that in one of his visits to the US specifically Los Angeles where he was examined by a physician who also gave him a note that enabled him to purchase cannabis-based products legally from a dispensary which the doctor advised would help with the pain caused by the ortho-arthritis in his hands. 

Patrick Stewart has issued support for UK’s first research exploring the benefits of medical cannabis and not just that he has also been made patron of Oxford Cannabinoid Technologies which invests in pain and inflammatory therapies. 

Wiz Khalifa

The American singer, songwriter, and actor was signed by Warner Bros in 2007 and has ever since been a mainstay in the entertainment industry. The black and yellow crooner is a brand consultant for Khalifa Kush in Canada. Khalifa Kush Enterprise develops unique cannabis products and then markets them in partnership with Supreme Cannabis. 

Mike Tyson

The former world heavyweight champion had to use cannabis to reduce the pain sustained due to years of active boxing where he received multiple punches to his head. He also confirmed that after retirement he had two surgeries in which he would be given opium and this would wear him out. He then switched to cannabis and he got better results. He is currently the brand for his cannabis empire Tyson Holistic Holdings. It includes a cannabis range of products, a 420-acre ranch that is intended to accommodate a cannabis university, a holistic resort, two stadia, and a wave pool. It is estimated that he makes $500,000 monthly off his ranch. 

Melissa Etheridge 

LONDON, ENGLAND – APRIL 27: Melissa Etheridge performs at O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire on April 27, 2015 in London, United Kingdom. (Photo by Burak Cingi/Redferns via Getty Images)

The Grammy-winning singer, songwriter, and activist came to identify with cannabis during her struggles with cancer. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004, she realized and sort out an alternative to her painful chemotherapy sessions and this brought her to medical cannabis. She decided to become a cannapreneur because of her experience with cancer. She is set to be the face of her brand and hopes that the compelling story can convince skeptic patients to give it a try. 

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is an American rapper who has been known to always have a connection to cannabis. He has a successful line of cannabis products known as Leafs by Snoop. The company specializes in cannabis flowers and edibles. This was in partnership with Tweed, a subsidiary of Canopy Growth in Canada. He also co-founded Casa Verde Capital and was the brand associated with these organizations. 

Jay Z

The rapper and music entrepreneur whose real name is Shawn Corey Carter has entered into a partnership with cannabis company Caliva which is based in California and is one of the biggest in the industry. He actively sourced for a partner with which he could join forces with. He is the chief brand strategist for the organization, and he’s expected to increase the outreach of the brand and increasing the economic participation of more individuals with the brand. 

Easier Access

With growth comes expansion, and this is the same in the cannabis industry who have been expanding in leaps and bounds. This rapid growth can also be attributed to the opium epidemic which caused about 120 deaths of individuals in America in 2016, this was attributed to its intoxicating and addictive nature. This has seen a jump in the number of expected patients for medical cannabis. 

To be able to use medical cannabis you need to be approved by a licensed physician, this process usually takes an average of 2 weeks in time past but now can be gotten in 7 days. This is because there are more licensed physicians, approval of physicians’ assistants to carry out an evaluation and online application. To get started, find a medical marijuana doctor near you, he/she then evaluates you and identifies a qualifying condition. He assigns a patient’s reference number to you and registers your details in the registry to be forwarded to the regulatory body for the card approval which gives access to medical cannabis.