Cody Vaujin Had A Knack For Numbers And Turned It Into The Business That Would Change His Life. Find Out For More Below

 Cody Vaujin Had A Knack For Numbers And Turned It Into The Business That Would Change His Life. Find Out For More Below

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Cody Vaujin always had a knack for numbers. He knew that his future held success for him even while he was working a normal service in college. He quickly became the best employee at the restaurant he worked at due to his fantastic work ethic. He carried this with him throughout everything that he did.

“In high school, I was great with numbers. I excelled in Math class and quickly developed a passion for such. I decided to go to college for Mathematics at the University of Arizona. In order to pay for college, I took a job as a server at a local steakhouse to make ends meet. Having the work ethic that I did, I quickly became a top employee at my job.” Cody recounts.

During one summer, he got involved with a Sports Handicapping contest. He made a name for himself by doing well in the contest he was partaking in. As he got more involved in the business, he realized how successful he was at it. He was able to make millions of dollars in the span of just a few short months.

“In the Summer of 2016, I entered into a Sports Handicapping contest with 100+ other big names in the industry. I immediately made a name in the industry when my proven and profitable bankroll system allowed me to take 1st place for the most units profited in the tracked handicapping contest. Shortly after, I decided to drop out of college. I gave up everything I had to make a name for myself in Las Vegas. In six months, I turned a $5,000.00 bank roll into $1,000,000.00 profit. I accomplished this all by the age of 22. I never looked back. I now run a Sports Consulting business where I share my expert advice on picks against the spread, money management systems, and proven profitable bankroll system with clients all over the world to help them profit against the sports books with me.” Cody explains.

For Cody, the hardest part of starting his business was just how rapidly his business scaled up due to his quick success in the industry. He was dealing with over 50,000 clients and had to spend a lot of time just trying to make picks for his clients.

“For my particular business, the biggest challenge was scaling the business properly. My business blew up, and gained the attention of people rapidly. In many cases, this is a great thing. However, the way I was making so much money was from taking my own picks that I spent hours researching. My attention went from putting a ton of research into plays daily to trying to message 50,000+ clients each day. This forced me to re-evaluate my business plan. Since making appropriate changes, I now only allow exclusive and limited availability to my picks and plays. This allows me to give every single client the attention they deserve, while still allowing for 3-5 hours per day to studying picks. I pride myself on my customer service and clients speak with me directly.” Cody states.

Cody is attempting numerous projects this year. The pandemic has not slowed him down at all. Though he is very involved in some business projects, he also wants to begin creating his own documentary to help inspire others.

“While I am deep underway in many of my projects this year, one thing that I would like to start considering is my own documentary. I believe this would give me the chance to show my unique story into the sports handicapping business. I have had many ups and downs that I believe could help others interested in the business, and also remind them that anything is possible with dedication and confidence.” Cody says.

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