Meet Danielle Amos: The Business Success Mindset Coach That Can Help You Take Your Life To The Next Level

 Meet Danielle Amos: The Business Success Mindset Coach That Can Help You Take Your Life To The Next Level

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Sometimes it is hard to look inwards and revisit our own life. Many of us tend to forget about our spiritual self, and all that makes us who we are, besides the daily routine we follow daily. However, disregarding our self may be problematic in the long term, as mindset is so important for any enterprise or venture.

Danielle Amos is a business success mindset coaching and motivational speaker. She has taken internationally renowned personal growth programs with Bob Proctor, Landmark and Tony Robbins for the past decade, and is committed to her own spiritual and personal development.

“My education was in the sciences, so as someone logical minded, it didn’t come natural for me to go inwards. But through my perseverance and willingness to be vulnerable and open to change, I’ve been able to make huge leaps forward in my own life.” Danielle shares.

Today, she is one of just a dozen coaches from around the world in Bob Proctor’s inner circle and pin holder (top 10 coach. For Danielle, it all started when she was an undergraduate student and had to take her first ever university exam, which happened to be a Physics exam. She panicked and had to leave the exam room mid-test to go to the doctor’s office.

“Later, I spoke to my professor about this experience. She told me it was my mind that was not allowing me to achieve my potential. Next, she asked for permission to lead me on a guided meditation. Once I had achieved the totally unfamiliar state of deep relaxation, she asked me the exam questions verbally, and I got a 98% grade.” Danielle recalls.

After that, Danielle fully committed to her own spiritual and personal development. She took a course in Buddhism that same year, and then went to have an audience with the Dalai Lama. While she was there, she taught English to Tibetan refugees and attended a ten day silent meditation retreat.

When she returned home, she got into the hospitality industry and led a life that included a lot of “superficial distractions, alcohol and fun.” When she had her daughter Elloise, she started to question her life.

“In pursuit of an alternative way of building wealth by creating multiple streams of income and calling the shots in my working life to become an entrepreneur, I joined the network marketing industry.” Danielle shares.

In the network marketing industry, Danielle was struggling and hustling her way every day. That is when he found the teachings of Bob Proctor, and got involved in the Thinking Into Results course. After applying what she had learned, the income from her network marketing business tripled in just over 4 months. Nonetheless, she did not stay in the marketing industry as ultimately she wanted to spend more time with her family and have more control over her work schedule.

“I decided to go to the source and be mentored by Bob directly, as a certified teacher of the Thinking Into Results program. As a result, I am now focused on helping my clients experience a quantum leap in their results – turning their yearly income into monthly income,” Danielle says.

Danielle now has her own business and success mindset coaching. She coaches with Bob directly every couple of weeks, and shares her experience and knowledge with her community. For example, her lessons have been practiced by her husband Paul Amos (actor), who has afterward landed lead roles, and even by her 9 year old daughter.

“I want to teach the valuable tools that I have learned. I coach clients all over the world through my own combined approach. I use the principles of Thinking Into Results to make powerful shifts in their mindset, and I have also customized a healthy living program to help them nurture their body,” Danielle adds.

Danielle’s clients tell her that working with her has transformed their lives. They now know the truth: mindset, as Danielle says, is 95% of people’s success. Only 5% is strategy. Mindset is everything because if you think you can, you will.

“My advice for those starting their own business would be to get a clear picture of what you want from your business, who do you want to be as an entrepreneur, what do you want to do with your days, how do you want to serve, who are your ideal clients – create a clear picture of this ideal business on paper.” Danielle advises.

Danielle has achieved success, which for Danielle follows Earl Nightingale’s definition “the progression realization of a worthy ideal”, that is, success is to move closer to your goal daily, progressively doing better and better. Now her next projects include launching a podcast, writing a book, and presenting a kids’ mindset program that is in testing mode now.

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