David Nicolas Albanese on the cannabis industry

 David Nicolas Albanese on the cannabis industry

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David Nicolas Albanese is a serial entrepreneur who is making his way in the business world by exploring new opportunities in the medical and recreational cannabis industry for his firm, High Farms. It is not only his visionary approach but his knowledge of the industry and determination towards his goals that has helped him achieve a great place in the business world. David is running multiple companies and simultaneously managing his real estate business as well. He describes himself as a real estate agent turned cannabis businessman which led to him starting High Farms. High Farms is a portfolio of cannabis technology companies involved in the cultivation, manufacturing, and delivery process.


David Albanese has grown his firm High Farms into one of the most successful brands in Central California. David has always seen the value in having multiple streams of income which has led to his success. David faced many challenges and hard times during his early life that pushed him to do something big to attain financial freedom. His greatest joy in life is his wife and three children, and he would do anything to give them the best life possible. 


The hardships and obstacles that David Albanese faced when starting his business taught him the importance of success in a person’s life. David is very passionate about inspiring and guiding young entrepreneurs to achieve something big in their business. An entrepreneur’s perception of fear and success is what will determine the trajectory of their business. To David, fear does not exist and it is only motivation to reach your goals. On the other hand, success to David Albanese is your mindset and never stops being a goal. Success is also being able to provide for his family, give them opportunities he never had, and always work for something more.


David knows the way to run many business companies successfully and the secrets to expanding a business into a new domain. He differentiates himself from the competition by being real, honest, trustworthy and respectful to every client he serves. From a young age David was always looking for new ways to make money and different projects he could take on, and has not stopped since. He has the ability to see gaps in an industry, learn everything he can about it, and capitalize on this. 


David Nicolas Albanese spreads his skill sets across various industries and has worked hard to build his credibility and reputation. Through all obstacles, David never once took his mind off of the goals he set for himself or let fear get in the way, which is what makes him so successful. To learn more about his business, click here