Social Media Master David Phan Shares What Made Him A Successful Digital Media Marketer

 Social Media Master David Phan Shares What Made Him A Successful Digital Media Marketer

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Nowadays, everything revolves around social media. It is the center of every business, every celebrity, and the way that most people interact. The best way to grab people’s attention is to reach them via social media where people spend much of their down time. David Phan started his own digital marketing company to help people and businesses make more money by leveraging social media.

“I started off just helping friends increase their social media presence. It quickly became an obsession for me, and I wanted to do more and more. I was helping everyone out and helping people build their brands online. When the demand became too much, I founded my company Phaners.” Recounts David.

When David was considering career options, he knew that he wanted to do something with social media. He began self-teaching himself the skills he needed to become successful in the digital marketing world as well as learn more about business. He did so by leveraging technology and using youtube to teach himself these skills. 

“By 23, I was fairly good at digital marketing. I combined my expertise with all that I had learned by watching youtube videos and reading books. I had had a lot of experience working with friends to craft their social media, so it was only a matter of combining these skills to create my company.” Explains David.

David decided to get involved in a competitive industry. There are numerous other digital marketing and public relations firms that help businesses become more successful, so David knew he had to do something different to make himself stand out in the crowd. He relied on his simple approach to social media, which makes his clients stand out from the crowd. His strategy centered around the technology that he could use to help expand people’s brands by making them show up in more search results online by expanding their overall presence. 

“The secret to my success is quite simple: I try to understand the client’s goals and work with them to craft their brand. I am less focused on rigidity when it comes to creating solutions for my clients.” States David.

Since beginning his company, David has amassed huge numbers of clients and has retained 96% of his clients. At a young age, David is already making millions of dollars by working with his clients and increasing his business. His company is one of Toronto’s fastest growing digital marketing companies.

“My services include search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, data-driven marketing, influencer marketing, campaign marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, e-commerce marketing, and social media optimization among others. My company has made over 400% in revenue!” David exclaims.

For anyone who is hoping to start their own business, David recommends a few things to get you on the right track. He recommends that everyone should have a strong presence on social media, to stay ahead of the competition, and to always go above and beyond for the business and the customers. He has been incredibly successful because he has followed these basic principles, but anyone can follow them to achieve their own financial goals.

“Don’t leave any money on the table from clients that are ready to pay but didn’t, simply because they have never heard of you.” You need to  get enough exposure and create a strong presence online in order to create increasing brand awareness.My digital marketing strategy covers a wide array of marketing strategies such as social media marketing, content marketing, and SEO, all of which can help boost your company’s revenue.” Advises David.

To learn more about David and his marketing skills, you can check him out on Instagram @davidphnn. You can also connect with him on his website where you can learn more about his amazing public relations and social media skills.