Discover How Christian J. Smith Built One Of The Most Powerful Trading Communities

 Discover How Christian J. Smith Built One Of The Most Powerful Trading Communities

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Christian J Smith, better known as Mr. Frost was just your average kid, broke, doing homework, and getting good grades. It wasn’t until his junior year of high school that his journey as an entrepreneur took off. He knew he was destined for something greater than your average life. At just twenty years old, he is one of the youngest successful traders in the industry, and has created one of the most powerful communities, FrostFXTheMarketMasters, with hundreds of members from across 15+ countries that produces real results for people and changes lives.

Christian was a straight-A student ranked top of his class, but was lucky enough to get exposed to a different lifestyle and entrepreneurs from early on. He began to question what he was working for.

“I would find myself day and night working to “get good grades”, however I failed day and night to find the correlation between “good grades” and a life of happiness, purpose, and abundance,” he says.

He began to shift his mindset from employee to entrepreneur, making him aware of the finer things in life and how to get them. He realized that there was no limit to the amount of money you can make as an entrepreneur, the only limit is YOU. 

“Formal-education will make you a living, self-education will make you a fortune,” he says.

A couple months later Christian began trading Forex. At the same time he began working his first part time job (9-5) back in the summer of 2017, but he saw this as just a funnel to something greater. He knew forex would be the thing that would separate him from the pack and bring him to the next level. Christian had a natural knack with trading forex. During his first couple of months trading he was crushing Gold trades left and right. He had people within his network begging him to create a Forex trading community specifically catered to Gold. He was crushing Gold and making people hundreds to thousands of dollars in profit in the Forex market per the value he provided. Hundreds to thousands of dollars profit later, hundreds to thousands of lives changed both through Forex and his social media as an influencer, Gold 1.0 eventually transformed to FrostFX The Market Masters as known today.

Frost is the founder of the brand , an educational platform and community where people learn how to trade in the Forex Market, and connect with other like minded individuals in the industry, spreading value. With a community with hundreds of members from across 15+ countries producing real results for people, his main focus is to spread love, wealth, and knowledge.

For Frost, the motivation that led him to start his business was the feeling that came with helping someone.

“Actually witnessing from start to finish their change for the better. There’s just something special in knowing that you’ve genuinely helped someone, and FrostFXTheMarketMasters became the tool that allowed me to focus on my trading, and also positively impact people at the same time,” he shares.

Through his talents, he has been able to help so many different people reach financial success and transform their lives.

His perseverance and consistency has made him worthy of all of the success he has received. Averaging well over $25,000 per month as a trader, as well as an extra $10,000+ per month from mentorships and his online business, and he is still striving for more. Now he is focused on building a legacy that can help so many more people tap into the power of the market, and become the best versions of themselves. 
FrostFXTheMarketMasters is just the beginning. Mr. Frost plans on continuing to spread love, wealth, and knowledge. To follow his journey on instagram, click here.