Ecom Prodigy Cole Dockery is Leading the New Ecom Wave

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Living in a small town, Cole Dockery only had two options when he finished high school – to either go to college or start working. Since going to college was not an option for him, he started working in a local factory, following the footsteps of his family members whom all had labor-based job positions. However, four years ago, Cole was at the factory locker room, his hands were full of cuts from working and he was sweaty from the machines and it was at that moment that he realized that he can do more and achieve greater things. He quit his job the same day and he never looks back on that part of his life. So, how did he go from a factory worker to a 22-year old that generated 2 million dollars in sales? He achieved that by following his own intuition and he came up with a strategy that would lead him to become a leading figure in the E-commerce industry.

Three Strategies That Cole Used for Creating his Business

The three strategies that are listed below helped Cole with scaling into the 6-figure waters and beyond utilizing E-commerce. The strategies include:

1. Find The Skills That Can Generate Revenue – if you are getting started, you will need to find the skills that can make money, as well as to find the skills that fit your needs best. You should be entirely focused on developing and improving that particular skill or skills. For instance, if you are running an online store, you will need multiple skills to create an online store that can generate the 6 and 7-figure revenue. Hence, you should be focused on learning more, as well as developing your skillset.

2. Start Writing About Your Progress – as you already know, every company is built from scratch. Hence, one of the most important things that you should do when starting out your E-commerce business is to build your brand. It is important that you document everything that you do and share that valuable data with the people in your niche. Before you know it, people will ask you for advice, service, and coaching.

3. Do Focus on the Money – most of us ignore the fact that a lot of people say money creates problems and evil, and Cole entirely agrees with that. He stated that the lack of money is what creates evil and problems, however, although having money will not make us happy, it will allow us to do the things that do make us happy. In order to build your empire and be wealthy, you will need to focus on creating a steady cash flow that will sustain your business.


The fact that Cole was not satisfied with living in a small town with a yearly income of below $30.000 led him to create one of the biggest and most successful E-commerce company at the age of 22. Hence, if you are looking for success examples, Cole is the perfect one and by following his tips and strategies, you will be able to start your own journey to success.