Ed Latimore on his perception of fear and what shaped him into the person he

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Ed Latimore is a Best Selling Amazon Author for his book called “Sober Letters To My Drunken Self.” This is a self-published book about the emotional transformation that happens when you stop drinking. Ed grew up in the projects, had a hard time dealing with his childhood and was an alcoholic but decided to make the necessary change to go to college and turn his life around. Fear is a factor in any entrepreneur’s mind when starting a new venture or chapter of their life. When being asked what fear means to him, Ed responded with “All fears come back to worrying that you will embarrass yourself, hurt your image, or let people down who see you in a certain way. Once you realize that people are most often too worried about themselves, no one is perfect, and it is okay to make mistakes, that is when you set yourself free from the grip of fear.” 


On the contrary, Ed Latimore views success as the ability to get what you want and live life your way without limitation, deception or harming innocent people. Ed stresses that “If you can’t get what you want out of life without depriving others, then you aren’t adding value and you aren’t a success.” One of Ed’s greatest passions is to help others on a similar journey get to the point where they can learn from his mistakes and eliminate some of the trial and error along the way. 


Ed Latimore made the decision to get started with his own business after he lost his first professional boxing fight. He needed to make enough money to support himself while finishing school. Ed had trouble finding an employer who would hire him in a part-time capacity at the wage he needed to survive. This left him to make the decision that he would need to become self-employed if he wanted any chance at achieving his goals. One of the best parts about being an entrepreneur and business owner is that you get to work for yourself, but it does require endless nights, hard work and determination to be successful in the industry. 


From that point, Ed started doing consults and marketing for people online and at the same time self-published his first book “Not Caring What Other People Think Is A Superpower: Insights from a Heavyweight Boxer,” and the rest is history. Once Ed Latimore got the taste of freedom that comes from working for yourself, he could never return to working for someone else.  Ed stands out from the competition because he is reliable and trustworthy which anyone can find out by doing research on him. In doing this, they will find security that Ed is exactly who he says he is and have done exactly what he stands for. 

Ed Latimore is also a very raw and honest person, he includes every chapter of his life through his social media and story, because he learned so much from each step. His social media and blog stats are available for anyone to see, and he makes sure to post photos that depict his life before he got sober. “Whether it is self-promotion or recovery, I make sure people can see that I am the real deal. I don’t feel like a lot of my competitors can make that claim.” To follow along with Ed Latimore, follow his social media and click here.

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