Ella Madatyan: Innovating Armenian Pastries

 Ella Madatyan: Innovating Armenian Pastries

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From sweet Ponchiks to savory perashkis, you wouldn’t want to miss the taste of Armenia through its pastries. Armenian food is a reflection of its culture and heritage. So experiencing its delicacies is the easiest way to peek through the country’s history and core. 

But what can be more exciting than tasting them with a modern take on their flavors and looks? Yes, expectations of traditional Armenian cuisine can be hard to beat. But Ella Madatyan defied all odds by modernizing Armenian pastries, which has been worth it. 

Her passion and dedication to work drove her to explore making new products or innovating traditional ones. If there’s a thing or two that describes Ella, she is creative and purpose-driven. But who is this inspiring entrepreneur, and what does she do? 

Who Is Ella Madatyan? 

Ella Madatyan is the 38-year-old CEO of Papillon Bakery. She was born in Armenia but was raised in America since she was four. Her business is different because she makes something fresh and new out of what seems to be traditional, and everyone loves it on social media. 

She has been seen on different media channels–Fox News and semi occasionally at KTLA 5 Burrous Bites. Her continuous activity on Instagram, posting pastry cravings for everyone, made her bakery more popular and loved. That’s why she was acknowledged by assemblyman Adrin Nazarian and was awarded a Certificate of Recognition. 

Ella also juggles motherhood with being a businesswoman. Certainly, personal life can hold up one’s career sometimes. She has three kids and had to go through a very public divorce with her ex-husband. Her family’s support from this experience pushed her to move forward. 

Despite the challenges she faced, she worked harder for her children and used her battle scars to inspire other women in the same situation she had. She powered through and is currently managing five Papillo Bakery branches. 

How Papillon Bakery Came To Life 

Ella got her entrepreneurial spirit from her father, who opened and managed several businesses. She was exposed to her father’s business ventures early and eventually grew interested in knowing how each business works. 

Her marketing strategies have helped her business endeavor thrive throughout the 14 years she has been in the industry. The marketing skills she embodies might have come from studying marketing in the past. While in the middle of her studies, she has to take responsibility for one of her father’s businesses. It is currently the Papillon Bakery she is managing. 

Of course, managing a business will not always be about the highs. When Ella accepted her father’s challenge, one failing bakery did not hinder her from pursuing her entrepreneurial endeavors. Instead, she turned an unsuccessful one into five well-heeled bakeries by returning to her Armenian roots. She decided to sell contemporary pastries inspired by her country’s traditions. Quite creative, we might say. 

Overcoming Entrepreneurial Challenges 

Running a business entails taking risks, and being beaten by the risks is normal for business owners. What’s important is to have the power to fight back and rise against challenges. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Ella dealt with a failed business in Hollywood. The place was a ghost town back then. 

Tourists couldn’t visit the state, and clubs were shut down. It left her business named OG WINGZ with no customers. 

She couldn’t afford to pay high rent and overhead fees with this. This situation has been one of the biggest business trials for Ella. 

But this hurdle did not stop her from dreaming and continuing her business aspirations. She loves to work, and she does her best in everything. That’s why she is considering planning to open more businesses any time soon. 

How Social Media Helped Her Business Grow 

Papillo Bakery is more influential than you know. Its celebrity clientele is Kim Kardashian. 

Through Instagram, Ella has tapped into many people’s cravings and convinced them to try her pastries. Her creative hands make each of her products a hit. 

Instagram has also paved the way for women stuck in toxic relationships to reach Ella and ask her about her past marriage experience. She finds another motivation with these women whom she likes to help escape unhealthy relationships. 

Ella strongly believes that there is a reason why she had to undergo past relationship struggles. That’s why she finds purpose in helping these women overcome doubts and worries in breaking free from a relationship that harms them. Through her business, many women reached out to her, and she was able to help them in return. 

History And Creativity On Pastries

At Papillo Bakery, history can be fun and creative too. Ella’s pastry products reflect Armenian history, touched with contemporary choices of shapes and fillings. 

Their dough is light–eating them doesn’t feel heavy. Only two people have access to the recipe. 

Currently, the bakery’s top offers include:

  • Ponchiks
  • Jingalov
  • Perashkis
  • Baklava
  • Pizza
  • Empanada
  • Bread boat

They serve jingalov and perashkis filled with mashed potatoes or greens for customers fond of savory food. Meanwhile, they sell ponchiks for people who want to satisfy their sugar cravings. 

Another creative and innovative effort that the bakery has is shaping its pastries for the holiday occasion. For instance, they make heart-shaped Ponchiks for Valentine’s and bunny-shaped ones for Easter. 

Her Stores Can Light Up Your Day

Papillon Bakery has been around since 2008, and as of today, there are five store locations: North Hollywood, Northridge, Glendale Glenoaks, Glendale Central, and Hollywood. Ella is planning to open two more Papillon Bakeries by next year. 

What makes the bakery even more attention-grabbing is its family-friendly stores. The colors from the interior, the bakery logo, and the product packaging is a treat for the senses. Everything inside is marketable. 

Beyond Her Business: A Women’s Advocate 

Not only does she bake Armenian pastries with a twist. But part of her business’s purpose is to help other women dealing with domestic abuse and unhealthy marriage. 

She is currently considering opening a clothing line to help her build a non-profit for domestic violence victims. Also, she desires to support, listen to, and help other women succeed in their business plans. Ella thinks it might be harder for women to create a buzz in the industry. That is why she works hard so that she can inspire other women to try harder for their dreams.