Enjoying The People That Surround The World Of Pizza: John Pavlik Entered The Industry At 13 And Never Looked Back

 Enjoying The People That Surround The World Of Pizza: John Pavlik Entered The Industry At 13 And Never Looked Back

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Pizza has brought many people together. It is a quintessential food in many households. John Pavlik is an entrepreneur born on September 11th, 1978 in Little Rock, Arkansas who has a passion for pizza. Since becoming involved in the food industry, Johnny’s career has taken off.

“I am a lifelong entrepreneur that ultimately ended up in the pizza business. I have experienced the most extreme highs and lows as an entrepreneur and restaurant owner. The highs and lows that I have experienced have been in life, business, and it was all intertwined. My entire journey has always been very much in the public limelight. It’s affected relationships, finances, emotions, personal freedoms across the board, for better or for worse.” recounts John.

Like many others, John Pavlik was born with an entrepreneurial spirit that constantly looked for new opportunities to make the next deal. He found any job he could to make money as a kid, and he took this passion to the next level as he grew up and took real steps into the entrepreneurial world. Eventually, he made his way into the pizza industry, and the rest, as they say, was history.

“I started at a very young age running my own business trying to make my own money. My parents have always been very money savvy and never just gave me money growing up. I did all sorts of jobs like yard work, jobs around the house, Lemonade stands, trading baseball cards, ect. I have always had a passion for the grind. I have always worked a lot harder than my peers and was always known by my friends for putting in “work” and doing “adult things” at a young age. When I was 12, I was able to start riding his bike around the community. I used to go to a mall with an arcade on my bike, and there was a pizza place in the mall. By the time I was 13, I was working off the books on my first job, in a pizza industry, which I would never leave.” remembers John.

Like many others, John was enamored with the people who were involved in the pizza industry. Like the food itself, the people provided a home-like atmosphere that kept him coming back to the pizza life despite the hardships of starting a business. Unlike many other businesses, pizza brings out the best in people and creates an excellent atmosphere.

“The people in the pizza industry are what kept me in the industry. It definitely wasn’t the money, it was a long time before I ever made any money with my restaurants. The customers, the community, the staff, everything that goes into. I just love all the interactions with the people and how happy they are to have my pizza. From the distribution channels to the department of revenue to the PTA moms that want me to cater, I just love being able to interact with every facet of the community.” explains John.

John’s business is called Johnny’s Pizza. Since becoming involved in the food industry, John’s career has taken off. He is now in the public eye and with that, came some publishing and scrutiny that he was not excited for. He has powered through this and continues to focus on the pizza and the people.

“The hardest part, for me, was overcoming personal demons and rumors. When you’re a public figure, your actions affect your business. So overcoming the scandals and negative things being said about me has been a really tough obstacle that I have overcome. I am now 10 years completely sober, and work actively in the community to give back to those that are less fortunate and oppressed.” states John.

John has mastered the art of restaurant pizza and beaten the public scrutiny, and now, is ready to begin his next adventures: food trucks. He is excited to spread his pizza around the North Carolina area to more people who can gather around and enjoy his pizza and the community that it offers.

“Food truck coming! Already got the contracts set up.I want to bring a new level of hard work to the food truck business, so that I drive the prices down. Most food trucks work 20 hours a week, making it too expensive for customers because they don’t have the volume. I want to work the truck like I would a restaurant and keep the prices low. Look out for my food truck all over Raleigh, Wake Forest, and the Cary area. Convenient, cost effect and delicious pizza.” exclaims John.

To find out more about John Pavlik, you can follow him on Instagram @johnnyspizzanc or check out his website www.johnnyspizzacary.com.