How Eric Stein rose to success by having an unbreakable mindset and embracing fear

 How Eric Stein rose to success by having an unbreakable mindset and embracing fear

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One of the biggest keys to success is having goals and the drive to keep pushing towards them despite any setbacks or failures. ​Eric Stein​ did exactly this and has had so many positive things come from it. When being asked how important mindset is when starting your own business, Eric replied with “Mindset is everything. I have been fortunate enough to surround myself with very successful mentors that have continuously given me tips on how to stay focused on my goals.” Eric Stein’s advice for those trying to start their own business and brand is to go for it. He acknowledges that it can be a very scary thing but the only way to become successful is to take the leap full force. “Find something you are passionate about and just start. I see so many people that have these great ideas and goals but spend more time talking about them than actually getting started.” ​Eric​ wants to push everyone to pursue their dreams and use him as an example of what success can come from it.

Fear is something that can either light the fire under you to reach your goals or keep you from reaching them. Through ​Eric​’s journey he has learned to embrace fear and that the only way to grow is to put yourself in uncomfortable situations. On the other hand, Eric says the definition of success is different for everyone and for him it has always meant the ability to be financially free. Eric has never wanted to get stuck in the life of having to work a 9-5 job everyday for the rest of his life, there’s nothing wrong with it but Eric has always known it wasn’t for him. He wanted to use all of his skill sets and his creative mind to bring him forward in life. ​Eric’s motivation for starting his own business was because with technology being so prevalent in our world today, he saw the window of opportunity to invest in an industry that is now directly taking business away from the retail model. Eric admits that he has always been an entrepreneurial minded person and encourages anyone in a similar situation to him to not hesitate to invest in opportunities that can turn into lucrative profits.

One of the biggest challenges ​Eric​ faced when starting his own business was focus and passion. He highlights the fact that being an entrepreneur is not for everyone, it has its ups and downs and what he has learned through his experiences is that when it does have its downs you have to be mentally tough to be able to weather those storms. Eric meets a lot of people who are just starting out in business but get scared to take the jump, his advice is to go for it, stay razor focused, and be willing to hustle to reach your goals.

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