Following His Dream and Working Hard: Moyn Islam is Defined by these Two Things and That Has Allowed him to Achieve Success

 Following His Dream and Working Hard: Moyn Islam is Defined by these Two Things and That Has Allowed him to Achieve Success

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It is a lot to be a world recognized entrepreneur by the age of 23. Moyn Islam has done a lot of hardwork to achieve his success. He is a young entrepreneur who took the path less traveled on to achieve his success with his brothers. The three brothers founded a UK based business called BE. Moyn shares his story below.

“I focused on my purpose, my ‘why’. When I decided to change my life, my goals were apparent for me, and I knew nothing would stop me from achieving them.”

As clichéd as it may seem, Moyn did do odd jobs like being a chef, washing dishes, waiting tables, and even a short stint as IT support to name a few. But not for long before he found clarity of purpose and a vision to pursue. An entrepreneurial spirit, along with an attitude that inclined towards change made him stand out from his mates. Nothing could have been scarier than taking a plunge headfirst to become one of the most recognizable names in the world of a self-starting entrepreneur. 

“I purposely put myself in a situation when I had no choice but to learn. I needed to learn a lot and put myself in an environment that will stretch me to grow!”

Great things never came from the comfort zone. Moyn recounts a time when he started second-guessing whenever he decided to do something different. Right at this point, it was like experiencing an epiphany. If you want something in life that you have never had, then you will have to do something that you have never done before. There were times when he did have lurking thoughts about self-confidence, fear of failure and more. But that did not stop him from becoming someone that he’s today. For everybody who’s out there starting a new journey, Moyn has a piece of advice, ‘The uncomfortable feeling won’t stop or get any easier as you push through it all, but that only means, you’re right on track’.

“Every day, I get to live my passion; a passion for helping other people change their lives for the better.”

Some dreams are meant to be fulfilled. Moyn’s flagship venture is an artificial intelligence-based digital product that can transform people’s lives. With an undeniable idea for a product, right attitude along with the proper support from his brothers and co-founders Monir Islam and Ehsaan B. Islam; BE is indeed a dream come true. Through BE, Moyn and his brothers get to live their passion that not only empowers every individual but also enables them to experience much success.

The success story of Moyn and his brothers got the much-deserved attention on Forbes and The Silicon Review, to name a few. Still in his 20s, Moyn is now the President and CEO of multiple business ventures worth multi-million dollars. In his own words, ‘When life hands out the right opportunity, just keep hustling until you can’. 

There’s no stopping this young entrepreneur, and he is indeed a force to be reckoned with, as some would say.To visit Moyn Islam’s official instagram account, click here. For more information about BE, click here.