German Costelo Is Fighting Back Against Stereotypes Surrounding His Home And How To Become Successful

 German Costelo Is Fighting Back Against Stereotypes Surrounding His Home And How To Become Successful

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German Costelo is truly a jack of all trades. He is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, author, and much more. He began his journey to financial freedom when he was a college student and felt overworked as he struggled to maintain a work-life balance between two jobs and classes. He realized that this would not be his path to success.

“I was totally frustrated. I had so little time to do things that I wanted to do. I was a college student working two jobs at the same time, which limited both my free time and my income.” Remembers German.

Germany is originally from Mexico. For many of his fellow countrymen, this would mean that they will never achieve the same results as other people across the world who have been born into more fortunate locations. He wants to break away from the norm that people from other places that are not necessarily part of the business epicenters of the world must be excluded from success and or cannot achieve the same levels of success. Instead, German focuses on encouraging people to achieve their best results regardless of where they are from. 

“In many Latin American countries, we have been told that we live in a third world country and that is why neither they nor their family can advance to the levels of some of the countries around us. As a successful businessman, I am denying this reality and ensure that everything others can move ahead like I did.” States German.

Because of this experience with the mentality that surrounded him growing up, German wanted to change the way he went about life. He did not want to fall into the trap that he could not be successful, so he came up with a new plan to get ahead in life. German rejected the idea that hard work and grinding in your job is the best way to be successful financially. Instead, he focuses on a different kind of work ethic that rejects an individualist mentality.

“We need to learn from people’s experiences instead of adding and subtracting differences. We have to focus on working together because this is the only way we can progress as a business or even as a country.” Advises German.

German has done this and much more. He now focuses on helping motivate other people to do the same. His motivational speaking attracts crowds from all over and he tries to teach the same things that have helped him reach the point where he is today. He travels throughout the world to give these speeches, hoping to inspire others and push for progress.

“EVO Movement, together with IM Mastery Academy has created something new throughout Latin America. My goal is simple: educate, motivate and inspire people. I believe you can achieve what you propose in any corner of the world. Not only have I created a brand, but I have also created a lifestyle that I hope people follow.” Remarks German.

The movement that German created is founded on three basic principles. These principles are focused around the mindset that German mentioned as well as mastery of different aspects of life. People who have followed German’s tips have been able to completely turn their lives around and make money like they never did before.

“The movement is focused on mastery of self through three principles: mastery of mindset, mastery of money, and mastery of experience. I have helped fifty-five people earn 6-figures in different places across Central and South America. I give weekly seminars and events throughout all of Latin American, which has inspired networkers from many different countries. I want to make an impact on places that need it the most.” Exclaims German.

If you would like to find out more about the work that German does, you can follow him on Instagram @german_costelo. You can also check out his movement and motivational speaking on his website