How A Relentless Work Ethic Will Lead to Massive Success

 How A Relentless Work Ethic Will Lead to Massive Success


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A typical work week for Luca Missaglia can look like this: Fly into Rome on a Tuesday morning from London for an exhibition, leave Rome early by train the next day for Turin to get to a meeting, and fly back into London by late afternoon to take part in a business seminar before hopping right back on the train to get to Brussels for a seminar. 

While it may seem hectic and stressful, Luca never takes any of it for granted and feels blessed to be in the position he’s in today. There was a time just over a decade ago where he left his hometown in Italy to pursue entrepreneurship in London with practically no money to his name and no English speaking ability. He was forced to figure everything out on the fly, and got a job at a coffee shop to support himself while he learned English. With nothing for certain at that point, Luca knew that he would have to be strong willed and have a rock solid mindset if he hoped to become successful. 

A year after arriving in London, he got a job as a mixologist at a leading cocktail bar. By this time he had a pretty good grasp on his English speaking abilities, and continued to dial in his mixology abilities. Whether it was a stroke of good fortune or the culmination of 2 straight years of hard work and persistence, Luca was offered a position to run the entire operation of a bar and nightclub in London. He took it, and the rest has been history for his career. 

From that moment, Luca wasted little time ascending the ranks to an elite mixologist and hospitality entrepreneur. He’s won numerous mixology competitions, become a global brand ambassador for a leading cocktail brand, managed clubs from London to Hong Kong, and consults with other leading bartenders to educate and inform. 

He’s constantly on the move for work, and has become sought after to speak at seminars and attend meetings all across Europe and the globe. It’s no question that he’s become incredibly successful and is massively talented, but he’s had to work for every ounce of success he’s experienced. There was a point in his life where he was just a young man in London working at a coffee shop, and he certainly wasn’t destined to become a top mixologist. Rather than give in when the going got tough, Luca worked tirelessly year in and year out until he achieved all of his goals and certainly isn’t ready to slow down anytime soon.