How Businesses Are Utilizing $3/hr. Virtual Assistants to Grow

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JR, an expert in utilizing and training virtual assistants, is making a paradigm shift in business growth. He uses his company’s $3/hr.—virtual assistant technique to help businesses grow, specifically marketing agencies but he’s considering expanding due to the volume of requests he gets to place virtual assistants for Insurance agents, realtors, and other various industries.


Many of his clients had and are still having terrific results, making use of his company’s VAs. Such as landing $10,000 deal per month, getting calls from clients that are ready for business deals all from virtual assistants generating appointments.


One of his clients that barely made $5,000 a month enrolled in one of his programs and hired one of his VAs, who he considered a plus to the organization. In a month, he moved from $5,000 per month to $10,000 and then to $15,000. On his account, the just-concluded month, he reached $30,000. JR’s passion for business’ growth has made him discover the effective route to take business’from zero to a hundred.


JR grew up poor with a single mother who never made more than $25,000 a year. The circumstance provoked him, lit a fire in him to do something great with his life, and also help others through this process. 


Here is his account of how he started.


“At age 18, I opened my first business, a brick and mortar tax business. By age 21, I grew it to 3 locations and 53 employees, then I sold it. Later on, I came across a statistic that says 672, 000 new businesses are started every year. I knew that the one thing that every business owner would always want more of in any economy is more clients.


“I began learning how to get results for business owners on the internet and turned it into an agency. It took me a whole 6 months of struggling to get the hang of things. But once I did, I got 7 more clients within weeks, paying me $1,500/month each. I was doing all the works of appointments all by myself.”


“This affected my business negatively because once I land a new client, my attention is driven from client acquisition activities to paying attention to the clients gotten to deliver excellent results. This simply means, I was experiencing a setback, and I needed more capable hands. Then I considered utilizing a Virtual Assistant.”

JR says


A virtual assistant provides administrative services to clients while operating outside of the client’s office. The general background of VAs is; they perform tasks for their clients. JR understands that the one thing that every business owner wants more of in any economy whatsoever is more clients. He channels his strength to this course to help clients land more deals and reach their targeted goals.


Usually, entrepreneurs look to countries like the Philippines for these virtual assistants, because the hourly wage ranges from $2-$4/hour. He has had people questioning him and challenging him for possible human exploitation because they feel $3 was little. 


“The economy in the Philippines works very differently than in the US. A lot of jobs there only pay $6-$9/day. To provide some contrast of the opportunity, companies like Royal Caribbean hire people in these less developed countries and require them to work 70 hours per week for $1.80/hour, with no overtime pay for months. We pay a bit more, and they get to work from home, so it’s a pretty solid opportunity.”

JR says


Months back, JR started a podcast. Rather than hire a $20/hour audio engineer, he hired a virtual assistant instead and put them through a podcast editing course. The results have been massive, in terms of work quality and efficiency. 


For instance, If you run a marketing agency, he’ll teach a VA how to book you more appointments through prospecting on various platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc. JR personally uses VA’s for accounting, video production, hiring, etc. 


Communication in English hasn’t been an issue so far with his VAs. The Philippines teach English at a very young age & the VAs JR hires typically have the experience working with US-based companies. Communication has never been an issue with JR or any of his client’s success stories.


JR strongly advises employers to make use of VAs, either on their own or through his company. Most employers encounter problems when they choose to look for VAs on their own; in their search for VAs, they struggle due to lack of structures and getting competent VAs. When they go through his company to get a VA, JR uses a 5 step process to vet and hire the top 1% of virtual assistants available, thus saving business owners the hassle of going through the long and uncertain process on their own.


“When it comes to vetting, I screen for the important things. We check for English ability (written and verbal), internet connection, ability to follow directions, competency, and problem-solving ability.”


“I usually give them some kind of test task to perform and see how many questions they ask. Can they use google to find the answer? Or do they need their hands held? I also screen for attitude and personality. In our company, we don’t tolerate drama at all. Our team needs to be united and move towards a common goal, that’s really important to me.”

JR says


His company runs a daily huddle, from Monday to Friday at 10:15AM EST, they consistently meet as a team. This meeting lets them discuss wins of the previous day, metrics, priorities for the day, and address issues. This has made the company to bond like a family and achieve common goals. It has also made every member of his team to feel involved and essential to the outcome.


JR ensures they track and monitor Virtual Assistants’ performance through monitoring tools provided by technology such as; screen capturing tools for daily check-ins. His company uses a slack channel where the VA’s report what they’re working on every thirty minutes. This keeps everyone on track and allows him to monitor their productivity. 


JR believes business’ success is an intentional effort, he put in this effort immensely, and it’s yielding terrific results.

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