How Dean Aguilar Went from Homeless to Becoming a Successful

 How Dean Aguilar Went from Homeless to Becoming a Successful

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Not every rich guy you know became rich off a trust fund or inheritance; some have come from the ground. Starting a business is hard, running, and growing one is even harder. It takes someone close to, if not a genius, to build a business in a highly uncertain industry like real estate. That, coupled with other uncontrollable factors like political instability, tax rates, and economic collapse, already makes it sturdy enough for one to conquer the business industry. Even so, entrepreneurs like Dean Aguilar, the CEO of Digital Muse, have found a way to do what most people have tried and failed.

In addition to running the Brand Consulting Agency, he also is the founder of two Real Estate companies, Xavier Dean Realty, and Dean Aguilar Group. He fought his way through homelessness to become a well sought after speaker, coach, and entrepreneur in the fields of Digital Marketing and Real Estate. Aguilar has mentored many, including CEOs whose total revenue exceeds 400 million per year in annual sales.

A Flash of When He Was at the Ground

Things went south when they relocated from Washington to New York with his mother and brother to stay at a family friend’s house after a family dispute. That did not go well since they had nowhere else to go, and they were forced to move out, eventually leaving them homeless. They moved into hotel rooms, which they only afforded for two months, and they were out in the cold despite his mother working three jobs to try and keep things afloat.

Aguilar and his family spent their nights in their Pinto Station Wagon for three more months. Things got better when his mother got a job at United Airlines, and they were back in Washington where it all started. Shortly after, Aguilar’s parents got their divorce, and they got to keep the house in which they grew up. The pain and suffering that Aguilar had experienced made him want better from life, and that is what he went for in the following times.

What Led Him to Take the Path to Success

Now a marketing and real estate expert, he knew then that he would not take a beating from life anymore. Aguilar narrates a memory of one night in New York where they were sleeping in the car parked behind some buildings, and two men tried to steal their vehicle, not knowing they were inside. Him, his mom and six-year-old brother fought off the men; luckily, they had some weapons. 

Those experiences shaped the path that led him to where he is today. Eating slim jims and skittles for dinner, being homeless, and watching his family suffer was not a fit for him. He knew he was a natural seller, and it was his key to gaining financial freedom he so much needed.

Overcoming Obstacles

After going through some hard experiences in life, it is easy to carry the hurt and sadness. It doesn’t help. To move on, you must learn to let go, no matter how much pain it causes you. Aguilar grew up watching other kids enjoy luxuries he knew he would never have. The only way to endure and move on was to let go.

He learned that he had to let go of his wants at a young age. Even after their situation improved, people still showed pity toward them. It made him feel as though people looked at them as scum, but what was there to do? They eventually had to swallow their pride, and it became a way to endure the pain

What Would He Do Differently

Everyone has that one thing or two in life that, if given a chance, they would not do it or would do it differently. When asked if he could do anything differently, this is what Aguillar said,” The craziest thing is I wouldn’t do anything differently. I’ve learned to forgive, even my father. I genuinely believe that my hardships in life have brought the best and the worst out of me. It’s made me who I am. If I did have to take one thing back, it would be the blame I put on my mother. She didn’t deserve it. I was young and angry.”