How Jerjer Gibson Struggled And Conquered Obstacles To Become A Professional Soccer Player And Coach

 How Jerjer Gibson Struggled And Conquered Obstacles To Become A Professional Soccer Player And Coach

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Jerjer Quemine Gibson has had to struggle to make himself into a successful soccer player. He experienced tragedy at a young age and was surrounded by the civil war, which consumed his home country of Libya. Though this was a difficult way for Jerjer to grow up, he was made stronger by all the challenges he had to face.

“I grew up in Liberia during the 1990 war where we lived until I was 16th. There were 14 years of civil war. I grew up playing basketball. My father passed away when I was 14, he got sick on my 14th birthday and died 6 days later. Knowing that my dad is watching me whenever I’m playing and is proud of what I’m doing is my motivation. I don’t want to let him down.” Recounts Jerjer.

Jerjer and his mom were able to leave Libya eventually, but only after a lot of difficulties with the U.S. immigration system, which relied a lot on the work that had already been done with Jerjer’s dad and their original denial for entry. Eventually, they did make it to the United States and Jerjer saw how hard his mom had to work to get the visa as well as spend their entire life savings on the trip.

“We applied for the DV (Diversity Visa) to come to the United States when my father was alive. We didn’t qualify. When he passed away, we applied again because my mom wanted a better life for us. We got accepted and my mother used her life savings in order for us to come to the states for a better life. For that, I will be forever grateful. She made me who I am today. She has been my mother and father for the majority of my life.” Explains Jerjer.

This helped make Jerjer into the resilient person that he is today. He played soccer professionally for a while until retiring and becoming a coach to help high school athletes. He wants young college students to better themselves not only as soccer players, but also as people and to learn the values of working hard in life.

“The world of sport isn’t an easy place as many know, so staying fit and getting better every day to be at your best is very challenging. This was a big obstacle for me. As for my coaching business, I try to make kids better than they were. A great mindset is a determining factor in whatever you do. It’s as important as eating. If you don’t eat, you’re hurting yourself and if you don’t have that positive mindset, you’re hurting your business or career.” States Jerjer.

Though Jerjer has retired from his own soccer career, he hopes to continue coaching and inspiring young athletes. In the future, he hopes that he could coach at the collegiate level. For those who wish to start their own business, whether that be in soccer or whatever else, Jerjer’s advice for them is to have a positive attitude!

“It’s important to appreciate the little things. Have a great attitude towards people and build a good relationship with people. Do not settle. Personally, I would love to coach at the college level to help the youth further their career.” Says Jerjer.

Jerjer has an amazing support system to get him to where he is in life. He has grown and gone far for his own passion for soccer going from being picked behind his sister for soccer games to a professional player who inspires others to be their best. 

“My friends used to pick my sister first for a soccer pick up game because she was better than me, so that also motivated me to become better. I have two sisters and a brother. I’m a father to my living son Ezeqiel Jordan Gibson. Married to an amazing woman, Samantha Gibson.” Remarks Jerjer.

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