How Jonathan Seller crushes all societal expectations and became a millionaire

 How Jonathan Seller crushes all societal expectations and became a millionaire

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Throughout his entrepreneurial journey, Jonathan Seller has learned that passive income is the key to success. Jonathan has always had a great work ethic that was instilled in him from a young age when he got his first job at 9 years old running a paper route. As he got older he decided to go to Bible College in Chicago. This led him into his first career working in his home church in Port Huron, MI where he worked as a College age pastor and worship leader helping build his home church. Jonathan never expected to make much money in Ministry.  It wasn’t his motivation.  It still isn’t.  He explains, “When you put a decade of your life into full time ministry, you don’t expect to make much money. What they don’t teach you in Ministry school is how to get your money to make money for you.  That’s the key to financial freedom.” 


In the beginning of 2019, Jonathan Seller co-founded Amazon AutoPilots . The company helps connect investors with the top Amazon Automation guru’s that have the ability to scale investors’ stores to multiple 6 figure sales each month. Many assume Jonathan is an overnight success, but that is not the case. He has worked hard from a young age to find areas that he was passionate about and develop his soft skills to be able to make those things happen. His past in ministry helped him realize the importance of having passive residual income, with Amazon Automation it has never been easier for Americans of any age to begin making money passively online. 


Prior to Amazon Auto Pilots, Jonathan also started a digital marketing company, SecondTri Media, which helps people walk through building their own brands online. SecondTri Media loves helping their clients clarify their digital marketing strategy using their very own “Irresistible Marketing Framework.” The process is simple to get started with the company. To get in contact with the company all you have to do is schedule a call for a free consultation. On the call the company will go over your goals and if you are a good fit for the business you will be presented with a proposal for custom solutions individualized to your needs. SecondTri Media has grown every year since it was first launched, Jonathan prides himself as an expert in the online marketing field and has helped countless businesses and individuals build their digital marketing presence.


To the common person someone in Ministry is seen as not wealthy or financially successful. With hard work and determination Jonathan has been able to build his own wealth by helping others build their businesses and personal income with his various online solutions. His faith in God has allowed him to go into the unknown with confidence like when he left full time Ministry to go into entrepreneurship. His courage and grit has yielded him some tremendous achievements, all of which have helped Jonathan become a 7 figure entrepreneur. 

Whether you are an investor looking for a passive source of income or an aspiring entrepreneur looking to jumpstart your career, Jonathan Seller specializes in both of those industries. Jonathan went on to explain “It takes passion and confidence to achieve your goals.” Take Jonathan’s story as an example.  He single handedly defined the odds and made his dreams of becoming financially free a reality. To follow along with Jonathan and his future endeavors, click here.