How This Young Actor Will Never Settle For “Average”

 How This Young Actor Will Never Settle For “Average”

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Anthony Duluc has always had a passion for performing, and says he relishes the uncertainty of not knowing where his next job will be booked. He knows that anything can happen, and feels empowered as a creative artist to know that his talents could land him an incredible role in a film or TV show at any moment.


Anthony grew up passionate about performing, and has had a pretty unique mindset around it since a young age. When he used to prepare to take the stage for school performances, he would be completely still while many of his castmates were anxious and nervous to be in front of a crowd. Anthony says that he’s always felt compelled to give the best possible performance to the audience, and this has allowed him to remain cool regardless of the situation. 


Nothing has changed nowadays, as Anthony has already racked up an impressive resume of jobs at such a young age. He’s done a skit on Jimmy Fallon, appeared as a face of a commercial for a merger between VENUM and the UFC, he’s appeared on season 2 of the Quibi show Singled Out, and is the face of the June Oven in a one man commercial. 


Even with all of his success, one of Anthony’s biggest accomplishments thus far has been his ability to cope with the idea that he’s missed out on opportunities not because of his talent, but simply because he wasn’t the right fit for the role. The acting and entertainment industry is extremely competitive, and Anthony’s ability to bounce back from failed auditions has given him the ability to continue pursuing the next role that comes his way with confidence.


On top of Anthony’s passion for performing, he knew that the basic desk job lifestyle was not for him. He’s always preferred to take the riskier route with his career, and has always wanted to be solely responsible with reaching his potential. He’s perfectly alright with failure that comes on his own account, and the risk involved with his career has forced him to find clever ways to boost his personal brand. 


When it comes to personal branding, Anthony certainly has done a tremendous job with gaining a following on social media. His charisma and captivating personality has helped him build a fitness influencer profile on Instagram, and he’s been able to train some of his followers as another source of income while he’s continually searching for new acting and performing opportunities.