How to Access Your Personal Power Through Mindfulness With Bogdan Rosu

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It seems as if everyday people become more stressed, less focused, and have less time to be healthy. This can be for a number of reasons including something like having a busy and stressful job or even a hectic life at home that causes stress. For this reason, most people seek out yoga to lose stress and become more focused and to even gain clarity. Other than yoga, there is something called mindfulness that people can try who are depressed, can’t focus and have low self-worth.

What exactly is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the practice of being fully aware at that exact given moment and time. Along with that, people often are fully aware of their own thoughts as well but there is no judgment, which means no negative or even positive thoughts. It is believed to be originated from the Zen Buddhists. 

How it works

The world’s best confidence coach Bogdan Rosu often practices and teaches others how to achieve mindfulness because of the positive results it can produce. Mindfulness can change the way you perceive and approach problems in order to deal with them calmly. Bogdan is constantly on stage speaking and teaching others how to be more confident, reduce anxiety, and how to practice yoga and mindfulness for peace. 

Achieving mindfulness can affect your brain process, especially in the amygdala. This can lead to a huge decrease in depression for individuals who deal with depression on a daily basis. All it really takes is about 10 minutes throughout the day to practice and achieve mindfulness.

A few steps to achieve mindfulness

  1. Find a nice quiet place – When trying to practice mindfulness it is important for you to be able to have a nice and quiet place to practice. 
  2. Get comfortable – Take a seat on a chair or couch with your back straight and feet on the floor. Let your hands rest on your lap.
  3. Breathe – Take a few slow, deep breaths. On your last breath, close your eyes. Just remain calm.
  4. Realize the present moment – Focus on everything around you and even your own body. Focus on how you feel and the smells around you. Let thoughts pass on by and just observe them and do not focus on them, let them flow freely. 
  5. Relax – It may be quite difficult to stay in this position for 10 minutes or longer. Remember that there is no goal to achieve while doing this and just remain calm and take in the present moment.  

Practicing mindfulness often can improve your mental health and you will notice yourself become happier. You will also be able to remain calm during difficult situations and think clearly while being more focused than ever. Always remember there is no real goal, so just remain calm, relax, and be fully aware of the present moment and take it all in. If you find achieving mindfulness difficult for you don’t be afraid to reach out to someone like Bogdan Rosu for help in order to reduce stress, gain clarity and focus, and to reduce depression.