Wondering How To Become A Social Media Influencer? Here’s The 101!

 Wondering How To Become A Social Media Influencer? Here’s The 101!

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Being a social media influencer is no longer just a hobby, but a serious career option. Influencers are in demand both from brands and their huge following. 

Brands want to collaborate with influencers who have a good fan following to promote their products and services. Their fans, on the other hand, look to them for guidance, advice, and recommendations. 

Therefore, it comes as a surprise to no one that influencer marketing is gaining steam. And as this profession keeps getting more popular, people increasingly want to jump on the bandwagon.

If being an influencer is your true calling, you have come to the right place. With these steps, you’ll be on your way to joining the ranks of social media influencers!

Step 1: Find Your Niche

To be desirable to your audience and brands, you can’t put your fingers in all the pies. You need to find one area that you are really good and focus on creating content for that particular field.

While this niche could be something that is conventional, like fashion, travel, music, or art, it does not necessarily have to just that. People are looking out for interesting and innovative content, so all you have to do is play to your strengths.

Step 2: Choose Your Platform

Once you have narrowed down your area of specialization, find a platform that works the best for you. In this step, you have to match your content or niche to a platform that works best for you!

If you are a fashion influencer and most of your work is through static images and short-form videos, you might go for Instagram, but if you are doing detailed reviews of movies, YouTube could be a fair choice.

There is no formula to find out what works best. At the same time, you also do not have to be on all platforms. You may use YouTube to showcase your work, while Instagram could just be your space to connect with fans.

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Step 3: Prioritize Your Content

The next step is creating content that sticks. We are not at a point where the space of social media is untapped. On the contrary, it’s cluttered with too many people producing content that belong to similar niches.

Then what sets you apart from everyone else, for example, in the beauty niche? 

For example, Ankush Bahuguna, an Indian actor and comedian, has been dismantling the ideas of patriarchy and beauty for cisgender heterosexual men by posting makeup tutorials for them!

Ankush’s videos have gained mass popularity for their honest effort and simple yet strong message that cis men do not need to shy away from makeup because of society’s age-old conditioning.

Like him, you can find your unique selling point or USP within your niche. Adding this one element will set you apart from the crowd and also, help you get brands to collaborate with you for your out-of-the-box approach.

Step 4: Be Consistent 

Your followers are there because of the content that you create. If you fail to do the same, you might see the number of followers on your profile drop over the months or days. 

An excellent way to ensure that you do not lose touch with your followers is to create a content calendar and plan it out at least a month ahead. This would mean that you do not have to work on it last minute or be worried about missing out on posting!

You can use a good photo editing app or one of the best free video editor available online to create and update your content regularly!

Step 5: Listen To Your Community

The best place to understand and develop your content is by listening to those who follow you. These people are your target audience, and they know what they want to see from you.

As you are working towards becoming a well-trusted and adored influencer, the best guidance will come from your immediate follower community.

Read your comments, conduct polls, track the performance of some posts, and you will be able to spot what works for your target audience and how you can maximize on the same.

Step 6: Use Relevant Hashtags

As a beginner, hashtags are your best friends. Your content is only meaningful when it reaches the right people, and hashtags are a fantastic way of achieving this!

When you use the right kind of hashtags, your posts reach a whole new section of audience who might not be following you but are interested in the sort of content that you produce.

To maximize the benefit of hashtags, research which ones work best for your niche, understand the search volumes on each, and then use them judiciously without crowding your post with unrelated or unnecessary ones.

You can also create your own hashtag once you have a significant following. Encouraging your followers to post with your hashtag can up your game as an influencer.

Step 7: Collaborate With Other Influencers

Yes, the influencer space is cluttered, and there are too many people doing similar things online. But you can capitalize on this by doing projects with other influencers.

This would not only establish you as someone who does not indulge in unhealthy competition but also help you tap into the other person’s fan following and vice versa. 

You can create fun promotional content for your collab using promo video maker online free without watermark to reach both your followers.

Step 8: Build Your Own Website

The content that you put up on your social media platforms are at the mercy of these platforms and are not entirely owned by you. 

For example, when the Government of India banned TikTok, a huge number of creators from this platform lost all their work and access to their primary platform.

Your own website not only ensures that you get to keep the content that you own irrespective of what is happening on another social media platform. 

Also, with proper SEO, your website can rank well on Google, giving you greater visibility to brands and audiences across platforms.

Wrapping up!

Being an influencer is by no means an easy task. It requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and commitment to create content on a regular basis, ensure that you have a constant appeal to your audience, and still have fun!

Following these simple guidelines can make your journey as an influencer easy and enjoyable. 

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