How To Get Rich And Win In The “New Economy”

 How To Get Rich And Win In The “New Economy”

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In the past 100+ years, the path to wealth, freedom, and influence was entirely different. 

If you wanted to be amongst the world’s most rich and influential people, you needed to own the world’s most important currency: oil. 

But today, things are changing…fast. 

Sure, resources like oil still bring people wealth but they do not create new wealth for new people. All because the internet has created a new currency that’s breeding multi-millionaires and even billionaires much faster than anyone has ever seen before. 

We all know the internet is a place to find practically anything we want. But from a business standpoint, it allows entrepreneurs to send out information that can be received immediately. And because almost everyone is hooked up to the internet for social media, work, and play-time, this means the internet is the ultimate place to build your business. 

But like I said, the currency is no longer resources like oil. With the internet, the new currency is attention.

See attention, is the most valuable resource on the planet.  

Because everything on the internet is competing simply for your attention. 

Whether it’s a Facebook™ post, a YouTube™ ad, a funny video, a newspaper, anything… is simply trying to win your attention. 

Because when they win your attention, they can influence you. This means they can sell their products, information to advertisers, make massive brand/partner deals, and create massive amounts of income all from having attention.

The more people’s attention you can capture, the more money you can make. Which means you’ll have more influence, which means you can capture more people’s attention, which leads to more influence and so on. It continues to snowball.

That’s why we’ve seen young people like Kylie Kardashian become a billionaire by age 20. Or why celebrities like The Rock, Connor McGregor, Floyd Mayweather, and more are signing massive partnership deals with companies. 

Because they hold all the attention and can influence the behavior of anyone who follows them. 

So what does this mean for you?

If you’re able to “crack the code” on getting your market’s attention in your niche, then you can gain massive influence and grow your business fast. 

You don’t need to be a celebrity. And you don’t have to have goals that say you’re going to be a billionaire either. 

But if you want to make a really good living, grow your business year after year, and make a name for yourself and your family, here are a few steps you can take to capture more attention from your market today: 

  1. Let your personality shine through your marketing. 

It’s no secret that people will only do business with someone they know, like and trust. So don’t be afraid to reveal some personal parts about yourself to prospects. Sure you might scare off some people, but you’ll attract a whole lot more people who are interested in who you are. 

  1. Study the top performing YouTube™ videos, websites, ads, TikToks™ , Tweets, and more.

See what’s capturing attention right now, then begin to adapt those tactics to your specific niche. I’m not asking you to “fake it” or act like someone you’re not. All I’m saying is understand what’s working in the world now then find ways to adapt it to your business.

  1. Give away valuable content for free. 

At first, this might go against your instincts. But I can assure you that it’s the easiest way to capture and hold people’s attention. Because people will trust you, and stand by your side, if you help them out for free. Even better, if you are the first one to give value, they’re more likely to reciprocate by becoming a customer. We call that the “power of reciprocity”. 

If you implement these three steps alone, you will have immediate results in the amount of attention you capture and hold in your market. If you continue to repeat these steps over a period of time, then you will build a large following, gain influence, and ultimately win in the “new economy”.