How TotalBodyFit Can Help You Reach Your Target Weight Right From Home

 How TotalBodyFit Can Help You Reach Your Target Weight Right From Home

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When it comes to healthy habits and exercise people often struggle to do both let alone one or the other. The main reason why most people fail to follow their routine is because they lack discipline and don’t have anyone there to hold them accountable. Anyone can go to the gym and workout but not everyone can stay consistent with it. This is why Angie Andrade created TotalBodyFit so that people can achieve their healthy goals with the help of professionals. Whether they’re at the gym or at home, they can count on TotalBodyFit to help them feel healthy and re-energized.

Not only does TotalBodyFit help you plan and keep a steady exercise routine but they also have nutrition coaches to help you stay healthy and lean. Angie Andrade is a New York based Holistic Health Counselor and her personal nutritional philosophy is based on the concept of bio-individuality. This means that everyone is different and unique so everyone should have their own special nutrition plan and goals based on their blood type, ethnicity, and activity level.

Angie is dedicated to helping thousands of people all over the world eat healthier and become fit. She leads TotalBodyFit’s nutrition workshops, cooking events, and is available for one on one nutritional counseling. TotalBodyFit actually hand picks the coaches for each client to match their personality, lifestyle, and goals. TotalBodyFit also works with the busiest clients because they are able to work around their schedule. TotalBodyFit knows how busy and hectic life can be so they work around the client’s schedule in order to produce the absolute best results for them to look and feel healthier than ever. 

Angie and her many years of studying nutrition has helped her transform the lives of many people. She is able to plan out the best unique healthy habits for her clients that produce the best results in order for them to feel and be the healthiest version of themselves they can be. TotalBodyFit offers Personal Training, Nutritional Counseling, and even Corporate Services which is aimed to educate a company’s employees on healthy food, lifestyle choices, stress reduction, exercise, and eating for the maximum amount of energy. 

The main reason why TotalBodyFit is able to stand out from the competition is that aside from their nutrition and fitness coaches, their programs also help with mental and spiritual healing. TotalBodyFit’s main goal is to be able to help others live a full, happy, and healthy life while adapting a better more positive lifestyle. Here is how their popular Nutritional Counseling can help you:

  • Develop and reach nutritional goals
  • Make healthier food choices without compromising food taste
  • Learn proper and safe ways to detoxify the body
  • Increase energy, concentration, and awareness of your food intake
  • Create variety for your meals
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Help you maintain a healthy weight

TotalBodyFit gives the client all of the knowledge and tools to be able to exercise and maintain healthy habits anywhere at any time. Whether they’re at home or traveling for work, they will have the knowledge on how to feel and look the healthiest they have ever been while containing more day to day energy. Now, Angie Andrade has created an online program that is aimed towards busy professionals that don’t have much time during the day to focus on themselves. This is a free 7-day challenge that takes no more than 4 minutes each day and it will introduce you to her TotalBodyFit approach to wellness. What are you waiting for? Sign up it’s free!