How Travis Guterman Has Combined His Passions to Work In An Industry He Truly Loves

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Travis Guterman

Guterman has found his success by combining a relentless will to win with a deep passion for his work and providing value for his clients. Being in the business of managing celebrities’ financial and business decisions, Guterman’s clients rely on him to be a knowledgeable, trusted resource that will have their best interest in mind. With his prior experience in the financial industry, working for an investment asset management firm, and a propensity to learn and improve each day, it is no wonder why his clients rave about him and his book of business has expanded so rapidly. Not even 30 years old, he has grown his client roster to a size that is comparable to business managers that have been in the industry for 10+ years longer than him. 

Growing up in Los Angeles, Guterman always had a passion for entertainment. In fact, one of his favorite shows was HBO’s Entourage. In the show, the main character, Vince, was constantly held in check from splurging on a car or a house by his financial manager, someone that Guterman aspired to be like from that point on. Once he found his passion for business, he spent his summers interning and taking college business courses throughout high school. He knew that he would do everything in his power to be in a position where he could advise celebrities on their finances. 

Now that he is in that position, he finds great pride and fulfillment in aligning their financial decisions with their long term goals and teaching them to set aside portions of their income for things like retirement and taxes. He recommends that his clients pause before making large impulse purchases and really evaluate if buying that Ferrari or 2nd home is in alignment with their financial goals.

As a business manager, he enjoys the challenge of staying current on changes in the tax and labor laws. These are two key areas where he is able to help his clients navigate the intense compliance requirements. He loves being someone that his clients can count on to look out for their best interests, especially because his clients are high profile and are approached by people that do not always have the best intentions. 

His support system has played a major part in his success. Growing up, his sister and parents were constantly supportive of his ambitions and what he wanted to do with his life. They also instilled a mindset of growth and development in him, and a work ethic that has benefited him greatly. At his firm, his colleagues have always been supportive of him and have provided him the resources necessary for advancement. Guterman still counts his former boss at the startup company as one of his mentors. That boss inspired him to think of himself as more than a numbers guy.  Seeing a company grow from the ground up was also an incredible experience for him, and he quickly learned that a strong work ethic and vision is necessary to find success in any industry.

With all of the achievements he has had thus far, he urges anyone looking up to him to realize that failure is a part of the journey as well. Setbacks and struggles are a part of life and embracing them will be key to growth. Ask anyone that is successful, and they will likely tell you that they ended up in exactly the right place at a time when they least expected it. The path to success is bumpy, winding, and uncertain, but having faith in your skills and passions will ensure that you reach the destination you have always dreamed of. Travis Guterman realized this early on in the process, and he has been rewarded as a result with a dream career that allows him to feel fulfilled and content with his work on a daily basis.