How Ziba Lennox Utilizes Relationship Building for Profitability

 How Ziba Lennox Utilizes Relationship Building for Profitability

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While the common saying goes, “Don’t mix business with pleasure,” Ziba Lennox thinks otherwise. She says, “I am passionate about personal style because it’s more than skin deep.” Lennox is the co-founder of Mazi Dance Fitness. She and her sister collaborated to form the company out of the inspiration they had gotten from a life-long love affair with dance. Both were professional ballerinas. From an early age, Lennox learned how to transform her hobby into a business. That way, she managed to infuse both her personal and professional life into this beautiful blend of well-matured cocktail she calls dance fitness. “Intentionally taking up space or dancing makes you feel powerful. As I grow older, I can appreciate the magic wand that confidence can be in transforming your life,” Lennox adds. Through her creation, dancing mama style, Lennox helps to inform, inspire, and most importantly, connect.” When I spoke to Lennox, I got a feel of what it is to do something fun as a job while remaining profitable. It gave me the idea of mixing pleasure with business and having fun all the way. Here’s how Ziba Lennox, aka the dancing mama, manages her dance business while making it an enjoyable experience for both her and her clients. 

Turn Your Passion into a Business

When your passion turns into your business it both amazing and challenging to balance. Lennox says, “In any business there are aspects which you won’t enjoy but the initial passion will see you through to work hard and make the right decisions for your business!” When Lennox transformed dance, her life-long hobby, and passion into a business, every hour spent on the dancefloor with her clients is pleasurable and profitable. Lennox says, “I am proud of this because we have never had investors and were profitable since the first month of operation.” She has managed to do so despite her business being in Chicago, the most competitive market in the US.

The Pleasure Is in Helping Others

Lennox’s idea of a profitable business begins with the desire to help others. That is one of the ways entrepreneurs can offer the best services to their clients. The personal connection with every client as that one individual in the whole world who needs your help works to improve customer experience, which is the cornerstone of business success. When Lennox and her sister teamed up to form MaZi Dance Fitness, the intention was to help women discover a new way of working out, starting with their minds and now, the company has “extremely loyal, passionate clients that are either returning to dance or discovering dance for the first time.” With the belief that dancing and moving are the best things you can do for your mental health, Lennox focuses on helping women achieve healthy lifestyles and derives happiness from doing so.

Look for Other Ways to Have Fun 

When you are thinking about value addition in a business that doubles up as a pleasurable hobby, you are primarily looking for other ways to have fun. Since we are all very creative when it comes to inventing and innovating pastime activities, coming up with better ways of having fun shouldn’t be a hard nut to crack. For Lennox, her value addition strategy is to keep creating new dance fitness ideas for her clients. “I feel a sense of purpose and accomplishment when I choreograph, develop a workout routine, write a blog post, or capture a visual story,” she says.

Lennox has built her business on the foundation of trust. Without the help of investors, she has woken up every morning to report to work trusting that her clients, having been well catered for the previous day, will return the second, third or tenth time. Such is the journey that Lennox is a proponent of. She wants to see a world where anyone can have as much fun as possible while at work. Considering that we spend a third of our lives in our workplaces, we could all do with some pleasure in the office, gym, classroom, ward, or anywhere it is that we work from.