Ian Northmark speaks on educating millennials

 Ian Northmark speaks on educating millennials

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Ian Northmark is an entrepreneur who has paved his path for success and is building his own empire. Ian is the founder of Northmark Wealth which is an asset management, investment consulting, and financial advising business. He started his own business in February 2019 because he wanted to focus on working with people that were like-minded and had the same drive as him. Prior to starting his own business for the first 9 years of his career, he worked for a global fortune 100 company. It was in this corporate environment he learned the fundamentals of management and how to be a leader and made him feel well-equipped to start his own firm. 


In his industry, people mainly focus on working with high net worth individuals and wealthy clients. Instead of worrying about how much money he would make, Ian Northmark wanted to focus on educating the millennial generation. His previous employers were against the idea of working with millennials mainly due to profit margins however Ian did not want to focus on that. Ian sees the bigger picture and acknowledges that he may not be making the most money now but with time, millennials will become the wealthiest generation of all time and the money will come eventually. 


Ian Northmark got into his niche of Financial Planning because he has always had a passion and talent for the stock market. He made sure that he knew everything he could about the industry and was determined to continuously grow his knowledge to become an expert in the field. When Ian was 14 years old, his father bought him one share of Apple stock and he watched it grow from less than a dollar to what it is today. This led him to learn at an early age that investing is an important part of life and he wanted to be good at it. Growing up, Ian would always read the Wall Street Journal or the financial section in the newspaper. 

When being asked the importance of mindset when starting your own business, Ian Northmark replied with “Mindset is one of the most important aspects of owning a business. Your mindset dictates your success. What you think and how you think is all important. Having self-discipline and work ethic is part of the mindset. If you start a business with the wrong mindset, you have already failed. Another one of Ian Northmark’s passions is sharing his knowledge with other people and helping people achieve their financial goals. To learn more about Ian Northmark and his business, click here.