International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination is 21 March: Raising Awareness Worldwide for Racial Injustice

 International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination is 21 March: Raising Awareness Worldwide for Racial Injustice

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Founder and Executive Director Connie Bobo’s New Heights Community Resource Center is on a mission to empower and educate today’s disadvantaged minority youth to become tomorrow’s strong and effective leaders. In a safe nonprofit community space, Ms Bobo works to reduce the impact of adverse childhood experiences for young adults and creates opportunities for them to succeed through a network of specialized programming including workforce coaching, college preparation, after school enrichment, and mentorship as well as summer programs that keep kids active and stimulated.

This year, the United Nations (UN) International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (IDERD) on March 21 celebrates its sixth year of raising awareness worldwide for racial injustices and this is an issue close to Connie Bobo’s heart.

“Today’s youth experience increased racial discrimination in all walks of life which can cause serious disruptions to their education, self-esteem and professional goal-setting,” said Ms Bobo. “We still live in a world where Black Americans are more likely to be arrested and have longer jail sentences than White Americans, where black individuals are twice as likely to be unemployed, and earn on average 25% less than their white peers. We need to continue to offer our communities a leg up to wipe out systemic racism through powerful role models and access to higher education,” she added.

Where and What — Resources to Reach New Heights

The New Heights Community Resource Center, which is active across the entire state of Missouri has just been named Top Rated NonProfit by Great Nonprofits for 2022.  “We are celebrating our third consecutive year holding this amazing rating and we are honored to have so much support from our very own community,” said Connie. Helmed by Ms Bobo and her commitment to today’s inner city youth, the Center continues to be recognized for their outstanding work in not only leading youth to success, but for setting the groundwork for a solid professional future. 

“The political and social conversation is much more inclusive in 2022,” concluded Ms Bobo. “But we still have much work ahead to ensure everyone – no matter what their background or economic situation – has a better future.”

About Connie Bobo

Connie Bobo is the Founder and Executive Director of both New Heights Community Resource Center and Mind Your Mission. Ms. Bobo holds degrees in Education and Corporate Communications and is a Certified Nonprofit Professional, Technical Assistant, and Professional Development Instructor.  She has over two decades of experience in serving underprivileged communities through capacity building and implementing quality programs. An expert at business funding, nonprofit coaching, and creating professional development seminars, she can be reached through her website at Mind Your Mission.