Quietly Reaching Millions in an Uplifting and Positive Way – Jack McAdoo of Real Talk Live! delivers a positive message on his global podcast.

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Jack McAdoo is a Life Navigator whose purpose is to share with millions of people how to truly become their true self and master the future.

He brings to individuals and corporations the same tools that equipped his life for transformation and success. Jack has a lifetime of personal experience in the music, and media industries including being the host of Real Talk Live! and Jack McAdoo.com that is currently heard with a worldwide audience. Alexa has certified his web traffic in the millions every month and ranks it just above 2K in the United States and 10K globally out of millions of websites. Google is number 1 for reference.

He challenges individuals to go deep inside themselves to find and release their inner magnificence and become the best of whom they are.

With more than 40 years of experience in the entertainment industry at all its levels, Jack knows how to engage and inspire through keynote speaking, workshops, and online courses.

Social accounts

Niche: Podcast Host, Motivational Coach, Speaker, Musician

How did you grow your account in the early days?

Jack McAdoo:  When I first started we used MySpace to get the name and the show out to the masses. From there it just started to grow organically and  now with Facebook, IG, and Twitter it has grown on a massive scale to where my website had 6.5 million page views last month.

Did you stumble upon any useful tricks or flows that got your content viral?

Jack McAdoo: I constantly posted information on all platforms and did an hour long show once a week. The show is now done 4 days a week and heard on iHeart, Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn, and every other podcast app that is available today. Word of mouth in the poker community helped out as my original show was based on poker. I was the host and owner of Poker Pod Radio.

JM1 825x1024 - Quietly Reaching Millions in an Uplifting and Positive Way - Jack McAdoo of Real Talk Live! delivers a positive message on his global podcast.

What are some secrets to virality in your most successful platform (Fb, Twitter, IG, Snap, Ecommerce, etc)?

Jack McAdoo: With Facebook it’s just post and advertise. Find a budget and a target audience and go for it. You have to be careful with FB because the algorythems are sensitive and they will shut you down for anything not real. I just really got going on Instagram and it’s a little tougher to get going on. I was speaking at an event for Wells Fargo in New York City and we asked the audience who used Facebook and seven people raised their hands. We did the same for IG and everybody in the 250 person room shot their hands up. So I guess everyone should be targeting that platform to get viral.

What’s a common misconception your followers have about you?

Jack McAdoo: I don’t leave any room for misconception as I am as real as it gets. If anything it would be that I have a large staff but that wouldn’t be true. In fact my staff is pretty small..

What do you think you do better than most people? How are you able to do it?

Jack McAdoo: I do podcasting better than 99% of the people doing it. My numbers show it and it’s something that I am proud to have built. It’s not conceit, it is just the fact that if I wasn’t excited and proud why would I try to be the best at what I do? Or for that matter what anyone does. I incorporate real truth into my shows and I make sure that I give something to uplift someone each and every time I go on. I was one of the first back in 2005 to interview people and now it’s the norm and that is fantastic. I was one of the first to add live streaming on social media while doing a live podcast, and now that is common place. We work hard to put out original and potent content while many seem to do it just for the clicks. We continue to grow our base because of how real the show is. We hold nothing back, never offend, and always offer positivity and amazing spirituallity in each and every show.

What are some of the best blogs you’ve ever read?

Jack McAdoo: Anything by Brenden Bruchard, Sara Yardeni, The Kabbalah Center, Daniel Tuttle to name a few.

Any favorite influencers you follow?

Jack McAdoo: Brendon Burchard, Ethan Willis, and Randy Garn.

Any last thoughts?

Jack McAdoo: I love the way podcasting has grown to where anyone can have a show. I wish for everyone’s success and it would be wrong if I or anyone else didn’t root for our platform. I do want to reach many more millions through my show, my speaking, and social media so that I can bring a smile, joy, and the spirit of intention to everyone that hears the show. We all need to be lifted in life and in truth everything is and can be amazing. How can it get any better than this!

favicon - Quietly Reaching Millions in an Uplifting and Positive Way - Jack McAdoo of Real Talk Live! delivers a positive message on his global podcast.

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