Jason Lobdell’s Life-Changing Fitness Program Changes Lives Of Thousands Each Month

 Jason Lobdell’s Life-Changing Fitness Program Changes Lives Of Thousands Each Month

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Jason Lobdell is an entrepreneur who is passionate about fitness. Through his discipline, hard work, and love for helping others, he has changed the lives of thousands of people.

I have been an entrepreneur all my life, as I grew up I got into logistics and did very well, but I had a passion for fitness. I loved training people, I knew that if I kept changing people’s lives, I would change mine too.”  Jason says.

Jason’s story is unique in that in just his first year in the business and on Instagram in 2016, he managed to win $1 million. This was able to jumpstart his business and journey into the fitness industry.

What makes my story unique is that 2016 was my first year in the business, my first year on Instagram and I was able to win $1 million once I took my online training with my partner Gee Bryant”. Jason says.

Jason runs a gym called The Loft Athletic Club, which, aside from being a gym to help members prioritize their fitness and wellbeing, is also world renowned for its great atmosphere full of great energy.

We specialize in good energy! We create an atmosphere so powerful that the gym is known all over the world and a must-see for fitness enthusiasts visiting Atlanta”.

In addition, Jason offers a top-notch online fitness program called x28fitness.com. His online program has been featured in many acclaimed publications, such as BlackFitnessToday, Huffington Post, BET, and Medium. Together with his co-founder Gee Bryant, the two have coached thousands through life-changing transformations, both mentally and physically.

The program is life-changing and we have been recognized worldwide for our clients’ achievements. We have thousands of people signing up each month and dozens of people losing over 100 pounds completely online”. Jason explains.

Jason was motivated to start his business because of his wife’s pregnancy. Naturally, pregnancy changes a woman’s physical appearance, so his wife had to lose weight and for that, they hired a personal trainer who took their bodies to another level.

My wife gained 50 pounds with her pregnancy and needed to lose weight, and that started her love of fitness. Soon I would be an athlete all my life, I was already physically fit, but hiring a personal trainer took my body to another level“. Jason recalls.

After some time, he was presented with the opportunity to be a member of a gym, so he took advantage of that opportunity, this has been one of the most important decisions in his life.

When I had the chance to be a member of a declining gym, I made the most of it. That decision ended up being one of the most important of my life. Once people started to lose weight and stop taking medication, I knew this was my calling, so I had to respond!” Jason says.

Jason is not driven by money, but by the desire to help people, the desire to make people change their lives and be healthier.

Nothing is more rewarding than doing something for someone they can’t do for themselves. I made one woman lose 60 pounds from a wheelchair and another woman run for the first time in 20 years after suffering from MS. These are examples of things that money cannot buy and I am blessed with the right energy to make people believe in themselves”. Jason states.

It wasn’t always smooth sailing, however. Jason understands the challenges that come with running your own business.

“I wasn’t a trainer already like most gym owners. I had to write down every number in my phone and call every single person. I didn’t want to send a mass text or email. I needed to be on the phone and personally invite each person one by one. And it worked! The people I almost didn’t call were the first ones to come and support. I learned a valuable lesson through that experience” Jason recalls.

Jason’s next projects include a sportswear line earlier this year called The BodyNV, started by his wife.  

“That’s my goal now, as it’s our new company and it’s going very well. Outside of the clothing line, I am relaunching x28 supplements like the fat burners and our topical sweat agent called Lit. Mentoring troubled youth is a project I recently took on so I can relate to them and help me better understand the issues and challenges our youth face today.” Jason says.

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