Jessie Lee Ward – Network Marketing Guru

 Jessie Lee Ward – Network Marketing Guru

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Jessie Lee Ward grew up poverty-stricken in a county of Maryland not too long ago. In this particular county in Maryland, she needed $300 a month to pay her rent. Jessie has degrees in marketing and communications but could not afford the luxury in life. To gain more income and increase her wealth, Jessie Lee Ward converted her knowledge of marketing into dollars while joining a can community-based marketing group in October 2015 with no experience. Jessie Lee became a multiple six-figure a month and seven-figure a year earner from her expertly drawn out marketing campaigns.

Jessie Lee Ward not only understands the difficulties of being poor, but she understands why a person is poor. Coming from a meager background, she realizes that it is necessary to be passionate about what you do. Her motto is to do what you strongly believe in or don’t do it at all. She takes the same strategy into her presentations and empowerment seminars to help women, lead her teams, relationship building, and on the side, save animals. Jessie Ward understands that to be successful in life, a person must have an attitude of success and passion.

Jessie Lee Ward has a lot of accomplishments to talk about. Ms. Ward has been on the cover of Networking Times. The magazine, Networking Times, is a network profession premier magazine that is dedicated to helping people understand more about network marketing. Ms. Ward has been a keynote speaker at Go Pro. The keynote speaking event was about the most powerful women and network marketing Association professionals.

Jessie Lee Ward is proud to let her fans know that she has never slowed down. For the last four years, she has built her empire almost solely online with no phone calls, no meetings, no events, and tours the world to support her team. Ms. Ward actively preaches trying network marketing to gain a substantial amount of income because she knows firsthand how beneficial network marketing is.

Ms. Ward continues to be a master trainer for professionals that desire income the way that she produces it. She knows how to train people on how to make money at home. She was the master trainer in the Association of network marketing professionals events in the past and has been on the face page of two networking magazines.

The essential tips that Ward shares with her audience is “be exactly who you are.” Ward understands that the key to network marketing is being genuine with your audience and the people who trust you. Giving people the impression that you are acting or reading from a script is ineffective. Ward also preaches that a person can easily bridge the gap from where they’re sitting to the top 1% of income earners. The only barrier that sets a person apart from the top 1% is getting up and trying. Ward believes that when there is opportunity, a person should take advantage of it immediately.

Jessie Lee Ward’s goals include being an influential person in network marketing. She wants to be influential in social media and reach as many persons as possible with her knowledge. Ward knows from experience that network marketing is not perfect, and no one has the concept down to a science. However, Ward is successful at network marketing through being genuine and creating an audience that appreciates her style.