Joseph Song on his vision and goals for his future self

 Joseph Song on his vision and goals for his future self

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Joseph Song is an entrepreneur who beat all odds to take the non-traditional path for 19 year olds of entrepreneurship and start his own business. Growing up in a traditional Asian household, it was very hard for Joseph to talk to his parents about his vision, goals, and the future. They wanted him to take the traditional path of focusing only on school and going to college to become a lawyer, doctor, or engineer. Joseph started his own YouTube Automation business when he was 16 years old with the initial goal to make tons of money to buy a nice car and house. Today, his goal has changed to having financial freedom and the flexibility to travel while having multiple sources of passive income.


Joseph Song differentiates himself from competition because he gets his YouTube video costs way cheaper while maintaining excellent quality. He does this by building good rapport with his employees. Joseph prides himself on treating his employees well and negotiating with them. His profit margins on some of his YouTube channels are anywhere from 90-95%. He gets clients monetized right away as his hope is for them to make money as fast as possible. Joseph Song runs his business with integrity and respect, while providing opportunities for his employees. His goal for his future self is to continue doing this and helping more people on a larger scale. 


Joseph’s main focus for his business is on high CPM niches which give $15-25 new profit per thousand views as opposed to the typical CPMs of $5. As for what is next for Joseph Song, he is working towards helping as many people as he can make money through YouTube whether it be by teaching them or providing them with a passive source of income. It is Joseph’s talent for finding gaps in an industry, becoming an expert on it, and finding a way to capitalize on it that makes him successful at such a young age. 

Joseph Song sees future success for himself in becoming more knowledgeable about the finance industry and investing his money along with continuing to grow his social media brand and reputation in the industry. One of the biggest challenges Joseph faced when starting his own business was convincing his parents to let him risk taking the non-traditional path into the unpredictable world of entrepreneurship instead of the comforts of a college education. However, it is Joseph’s unwavering belief in himself and his goals that gave him an unbreakable mindset and put him on the path to success. To learn more information about Joseph Song and his YouTube Automation business, click here.